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    Since the start of the new year, personnel changes have taken place in 3 pharmaceutical companies!

    • Last Update: 2019-02-15
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    [China Pharmaceutical network industry trends] since the new year, personnel changes in the pharmaceutical industry have been frequent According to incomplete statistics in the industry, since January 2019, personnel changes have taken place in 38 pharmaceutical enterprises, including conmei, Novartis, AZ, GlaxoSmithKline, Northeast Pharmaceutical, etc Of the 38 pharmaceutical companies, 31 executives left, mainly due to personal reasons, job changes and the age of retirement In addition, three more pharmaceutical companies announced personnel changes in the new year On February 12, 2019, Merck China announced that Jin Fangqian, head of general medicine and endocrinology division, will leave Merck due to personal career development considerations, and the working day will be the next day of Valentine's Day - February 15
    After Jin Fangqian leaves, Gao Renbo, head of Merck's China reproductive division, North Asia of reproductive business and Australia, will take over the post of head of Merck's China general medicine and endocrinology division, and start the recruitment of head of China's reproductive business division Yuan Zezhi, head of China's tumor business division, will take the post of head of North Asia and Australia of reproductive business until the person is confirmed Ramon perfecto, Asia Pacific growth market's reproductive director, will take over According to the data, in May 2013, Jin Fangqian entered Merck China and served as the head of the endocrine and metabolism business department, leading the gehuazhi team from joint promotion with Squibb to return to Merck in 2016, maintaining good growth for many years On July 31, 2017, after Merck's head of China's general medicine division left office, Jin Fangqian was appointed as the new head of general medicine and endocrinology division In response to Merck's news, Peter Huang, vice president of Asia Pacific region of Abbott's drug department, recently announced the appointment of Jin Fangqian as general manager of Abbott's drug department in China, effective from February 20, 2019 According to the public information, Jin Fangqian was the head of general medicine and endocrinology division of Merck's China biopharmaceutical business On January 1, 2019, garult served as the vice president of North Asia of Abbott nutrition department, whose work turned to North Asia of Abbott nutrition department On February 11, Fosun Pharmaceutical announced that the 80th meeting (interim meeting) of the 7th board of directors of Fosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was held on February 11, 2019 Upon the nomination of the president, Mr Hequn Yin was appointed Vice President of Fosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd for a term of office from February 11, 2019 to the expiration of the term of office of the board of directors According to the announcement, Mr hequnyin served as Roche's R & D scientist from April 1997 to May 1998; R & D scientist, director, senior director and executive director of Novartis pharmaceutical company from May 1998 to November 2017; R & D vice president of Pfizer from November 2017 to February 2019; and vice president of the company from February 11 2019 According to the industry, judging from the actions of multinational pharmaceutical companies in the new year, in addition to frequent personnel changes, there are also news of M & A transactions and companies announcing layoffs For example, Lilly, a US pharmaceutical company, announced on January 8 that it would lay off about 20% of its employees Cost cutting, strategic adjustment and focusing on advantageous business are the main reasons for the layoffs of multinational pharmaceutical enterprises, which also indicates the change of pharmaceutical industry pattern and the reshaping of market pattern Next, multinational pharmaceutical companies may present a new trend In addition, by contrast, the actions to be taken by multinational companies are faster than those of local pharmaceutical companies In 2019, influenced by a series of policies such as centralized drug procurement in 4 + 7 cities and the filing system of pharmaceutical representatives, pharmaceutical representatives, personnel of new drug R & D departments with high failure rate and personnel of non core business departments face a great risk of layoffs.
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