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    Six "0 content" eggs are produced like this

    • Last Update: 2022-11-25
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, at the site of the "Kaiwei Kaizhou" food competition held in Kaizhou District, Chongqing, the author found that a female boss was enthusiastically promoting a mulberry leaf egg
    marked as "Ruisang" brand.
    Take a closer look at the prominent signs on the packaging box that say "safer raw eggs", as well as "0 harmful bacteria", "0 antibiotics", "0 hormones", "0 artificial colors", "0 drug residues" and "0 heavy metals"
    It was the first time that Mulberry Egg had seen it, and the author asked her in a skeptical tone if it was real
    The boss immediately said that if he had time to go with her to the chicken farm a few kilometers away
    , he would know.

    The author and her party immediately followed the female boss to the chicken farm located in Xinglong Village, Dade Town, Kaizhou, and saw a clean and beautiful office environment and a solid chicken farm enclosure
    After strict disinfection, the author and his entourage inspected the feed warehouse, egg packing workshop, and chicken coop for 200,000 chickens
    During the nearly one-hour on-site visit, chicken manure was barely seen or smelled

    After in-depth exchanges, it turned out that the female boss was Wang Meng of Chongqing Ruisang Agricultural Development Company, graduated from university and became a district-level leader in getting rich
    Its chicken farm is the traceability point of agricultural products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and implements all-weather monitoring, which undoubtedly provides a solid guarantee
    for the high-quality production of eggs.

    According to the data, the company is mainly engaged in layer hen breeding, photovoltaic power generation, organic fertilizer production, is committed to "low carbon + green + organic + recycling" modern agricultural enterprises, the main product is "Ruisang" mulberry leaf eggs, but also safer raw eggs
    The company has approved more than ten mulberry product patent technologies, established a long-term school-enterprise cooperative relationship with the College of Animal Science and Technology of Southwest University, introduced the central control system from Israel, established two digital production lines, and the technology and equipment are at the leading level
    in the country 。 At present, the company has 200,000 laying hens, a daily output of 10.
    6 tons of mulberry eggs, 700,000 degrees of photovoltaic power generation per year, 7 tons of organic fertilizer per day, egg products are exported to Chongqing, Guangdong and Beijing and other places, forming an agricultural industrial chain of closed cycle of layer hen feeding, chicken manure utilization and photovoltaic power generation, solving the employment of more than 20 local people, and becoming a rising star and new force
    in the egg industry in Chongqing and northeast Chongqing.

    (Jiang Rui, Li Dengfeng)


    Responsible editor: Zhang Jiazhen Review: Ouyang Meihua




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