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    Six measures in Yingshang County to ensure zero food and drug safety accidents during the Spring Festival

    • Last Update: 2022-09-17
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    Liu Yang, reporter Sun Ming
    Yingshang County Food and Drug Administration has taken multiple measures to increase food and drug safety supervision during the Spring Festival
    Due to effective measures and adequate supervision, no food and drug safety incidents occurred in the county during the Spring Festival
    The first is leadership
    The bureau convened a special meeting in a timely manner to make deployments, formulate work plans, and carefully arrange food and drug safety supervision during the festival
    The second is to focus on publicity
    The bureau organized grass-roots offices to carry out activities such as setting up points and entering villages and households to popularize the knowledge of safe drug use and safe diet to the general public
    The third is to check carefully
    The bureau conducts on-site inspections in strict accordance with the licensing requirements for food and drug units that newly apply for or renew licenses in the jurisdiction, and strictly requires rectification for those that fail to meet the conditions, so as to strictly control them, and for the "three small" enterprises that do not meet the licensing conditions Street vendors and rural collective banquets are subject to filing and registration management
      The fourth is to focus on sampling
    The bureau is problem-oriented, and supervises and inspects food and drug sellers in a high-density and frequent manner
      Fifth, focus on rectification
    The bureau has focused on increasing the supervision and inspection of farmers' markets and large supermarkets, New Year's Eve catering units, pharmaceutical and medical equipment operating units, scenic spots and surrounding catering service units.
    It conducts surprise inspections on the business site every day, and carefully checks the purchase, purchase and sales records.
    , Strictly control the inspection of raw materials and the retention of food samples.
    If potential safety hazards are found, they will be ordered to rectify on the spot
      Six is ​​to strengthen the duty
    The bureau has implemented the system of leaders leading the shift and two people on duty, ensuring that the duty telephone and the "12331" complaint and reporting hotline are open 24 hours a day, ensuring the timely and effective handling of reports and complaints and related work during the festival
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