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    South Africa's vaccination numbers have dropped significantly to an average of around 5,000 people a day

    • Last Update: 2022-11-26
    • Source: Internet
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    On November 15, local time in South Africa, the Ministry of Health announced that since July this year, the average number of new crown pneumonia vaccinations in South Africa has dropped sharply, and it is basically maintained at an average level of about 5,000 people per day
    Data shows that during the previous six waves of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, South Africa averaged more than 240,000 people vaccinated
    in a single day.
    However, with the improvement of the overall situation of the new crown pneumonia in South Africa this year, the number of vaccinated people has begun to decline sharply, and has now fallen to an average of about 5,000 people per day
    So far, South Africa as a whole has not met the government's target
    of 67% adult vaccination.
    About half of South Africa's adult population is vaccinated, while nearly 73% of those over 60 are fully vaccinated
    Despite the improvement in the epidemic situation, people continue to be infected with the virus
    in South Africa.
    According to the South African Ministry of Health, the country is currently reporting an average of about 2,000 new cases
    per week.
    South African health experts pointed out that the new crown pneumonia vaccine has obvious effects on preventing severe cases and deaths, so people who have not yet been vaccinated should complete vaccination
    as soon as possible.
    Especially with holidays such as Christmas approaching, South Africa is very likely to face the impact
    of a new round of epidemic peaks.
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