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    Southwest Pharmaceuticals isopropyl hydrochloride tablets were evaluated by generic drug consistency

    • Last Update: 2021-03-09
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    On January 21, Chongqing Taiji Industrial announced that its controlling subsidiary Southwest Pharmaceuticals had recently received a "supplementary application approval" from the State Drug Administration for isopropyl hydrochloride tablets, and that Southwest Pharmaceuticals had evaluated the quality and efficacy of generic drugs.
    Isopropyl hydrochloric acid tablets are adapted to: 1, skin mucous membrane allergies: suitable for long-term, seasonal allergic rhinitis, vasosal constride rhinitis, contact with allergens or food caused by allergic conjunctivitis, urticaria, angioneuroedema, allergic reactions to blood or plasma products, skin scratches.
    2, motion sickness: prevention and control of motion sickness, seasickness, airsickness.
    3, sedation, hypnosis: suitable for preoperative, postoperative and obstetrics.
    , it can also be used to reduce fear in adults and children, showing a light sleep state.
    4, nausea, vomiting treatment: suitable for some anaesthetic and post-surgery nausea, vomiting.
    also used to prevent radiopathic or medicinal nausea and vomiting.
    5, postoperative pain: can be combined with painkillers, as an auxiliary medicine.
    isopropyl hydrochloride tablets for the National Basic Medical Insurance, Industrial Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance Directory (2020 edition) Class A drugs.
    as of the date of this announcement, after querying the database of the State Drug Administration, there are 53 companies in China that have the product production approval, Southwest Pharmaceuticals is the third company to obtain the drug consistency evaluation approval.
    by the Menet database, the total sales of isopropyl hydrochloride tablets in 2019 represented hospitals and retail pharmacies in urban China amounted to 4.3 million yuan.
    , Southwest Pharmaceuticals has invested about 5.42 million yuan (unaudited) in research and development of the product.
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