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    Structure characteristics and working principle of three-dimensional oscillating mixer

    • Last Update: 2013-09-06
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    1、 Main purpose: Hsj series three-dimensional swing is a new material mixer widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and scientific research units The utility model can mix the powder or granule materials with good flow performance uniformly, so that the mixed materials can achieve the best effect of Zui II Working principle The working principle of Hsj series three maintenance swing mixer is different from that of traditional rotary mixer It makes a unique translation, rotation, rock and roll movement in the three-dimensional space of the cube, which makes the materials in the mixing cylinder in the complex motion state of "rotation flow translation reverse falling body", namely the so-called turbo ula state It produces an alternating pulse, continuously pushing animals The turbulence generated by the movement of materials has a varying energy gradient, which makes the particles in the mixed materials have a state of motion that can not be achieved, and the particles constantly change their positions in the frequent movement diffusion, resulting in a satisfactory mixing effect There are two things Zui should avoid in material mixing: one is the existence of centrifugal force in the mixing movement, which can cause segregation of the mixed materials in density; the other is the agglomerated and accumulated movement of the mixed materials, so that the materials can not be effectively diffused and mixed, and the movement state of the three-dimensional swing mixer overcomes the above disadvantages 3 Structure features: Hsj series three-dimensional swinging mixer is composed of frame, drive system, three-dimensional motion mechanism, mixing cylinder and electrical control system The mixing cylinder in direct contact with the material is made of stainless steel, and the inner wall of the cylinder is precisely polished 1 Stand: the stand is made of model steel, with stainless steel surface The frame structure is reasonable, which can effectively stabilize the whole machine and fully meet the GMP requirements 2 Drive system: the drive system of the machine is composed of motor, drive deceleration system, frequency converter and control system The design is simple, the drive is stable and reliable The frequency converter can effectively buffer the inertia of heavy load start, and accurately select the Zui position of the barrel when the machine stops, so as to facilitate the feeding or discharging 3 Three dimensional motion mechanism: in order to make the mixing cylinder perform complex translation, rotation and rock movement in three-dimensional space, the machine is designed with unique three-dimensional motion rocker structure of active and driven double shafts and two shaft ends; the driven shaft is designed with flexibility to make the movement of the machine more flexible and light; debugging and maintenance are more convenient Y-type three-dimensional movement rocker mechanism is made of stainless steel, polished and beautiful, and can be used in 100 class clean area of 100000 class 4 Mixing barrel the mixing barrel of this machine is placed between two intersecting and mutually perpendicular spaces, which are respectively between the driving and driven shafts connected by Y-type three-dimensional protection movement rocker arm The mixing barrel is composed of barrel, positive cone platform feed end, eccentric cone platform discharge end, feed inlet and discharge device The mixing drum is made of stainless steel, and its inner and outer walls are polished The cylinder has good air tightness, smooth surface without dead angle, residue and easy cleaning The feeding port is sealed by clamp type flange, which is easy to operate and has good air tightness The discharge adopts a unique cone of confidence, and the asymmetric design is more conducive to the uniform mixing of materials When discharging, the discharge port is in the low position of Zui of the mixing container, and the materials are discharged completely The discharge valve adopts the butterfly valve specially designed by our factory, with good sealing performance, convenient discharge and no residue 4 Performance characteristics: 1 Due to the multi-directional movement of the mixing drum, there are many mixing points of the materials in the drum, and the mixing effect is significant The uniformity of the mixing is higher than that of the general mixer, and the uniformity error of the drug content is lower than that of the general mixer At the same time, the large volume of the Hsj series three-dimensional motion mixer Zui is more than one time higher than that of the general mixer Zui, which is 40% of the total volume of the package; 2 The mixing cylinder of Hsj series three-dimensional swinging mixer is designed with unique features The inner wall of the body is precisely polished, without dead angle and contamination of materials When discharging, the materials can be discharged smoothly under the action of self weight without remaining materials It has the advantages of no pollution, easy discharging, no accumulation and easy cleaning 3 The materials are mixed in a closed state, which will not pollute the working environment; 4 The height is low, the rotating space is small, the building (technology interlayer) generally does not need to be a notorious floor, and the area of penalty area is small; 5 The vibration is small, the noise is low, the working position can be adjusted at will, the installation and maintenance is convenient, and the service life is long V equipment installation 1 The machine is unloaded, loaded and tested before leaving the factory It can be delivered only after normal operation to meet the user's safe use 2 Transportation mode: 600 L (including 600 type) shall be delivered from the factory without foundation and bolts; for more than 600 L, split transportation shall be adopted with foundation and bolts 3 Equipment installation: A when the machine arrives at the user's unit, it shall be unloaded safely, and it is not allowed to impact or knock the equipment and accessories, because the installation accuracy of the machine is relatively high; B before installation, all the solid screws shall be tightened to eliminate the looseness of screws during transportation; C The installation ground shall be flat (uneven < 3 / 1000) After the equipment is in place, the clearance between the bottom four corners and the ground shall be eliminated to avoid shaking during operation; D large equipment shall be installed under the guidance of our technicians; e when the equipment is installed, open the front cover, rotate the pulley by hand, and connect the power supply after the operation is balanced Attention shall be paid to: (1) the rotation direction of the main shaft is the same as that of the arrow If not, it can be adjusted by changing the phase of power supply; (2) the speed height shall be adjusted from slow to fast, balanced and not exceed the specified speed F if the frame is unstable during no-load test run, it shall be shut down Add 10 ~ 16mm rubber shockproof pad for adjustment during inquiry; g no load operation time shall not be less than 10min; H No load operation shall be normal before feeding test run Feeding test run shall be carried out as little as possible and shall not exceed the loading capacity; I after the completion of the whole machine test, special personnel shall be assigned to operate and guide its normal operation knowledge; J equipment maintenance: the lubricating oil, chain and lubricating grease used shall be replaced within three months after the operation of the new equipment, and shall be replaced once every six months 6 Operation principle: 1 The machine adopts electromagnetic speed regulation (or frequency converter speed regulation) Before starting up, connect the main power supply, the power indicator light is on, then start the motor button, then start the on-off switch on the speed regulation panel (the frequency converter can press the touch button), the indicator light is on, and then slowly rotate it to reach the normal mixed speed; 2 If the user needs Temple mixing time, this item shall be specified in the contract Our factory may install time relay to enable the user to specify mixing time according to the mixing requirements of materials 3 After mixing, turn off the machine according to the starting sequence If the blanking is unreasonable, click the button to meet the blanking requirements.
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