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    Successful research and development of new high-end lubricant synthesis technology

    • Last Update: 2021-06-11
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    Recently, the team of Tian Zhijian, a researcher at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed a coal-based Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax hydroisomerization technology to produce high-end lubricating base oil.
    The production test was successfully carried out on a pilot plant in the Baijiantan area of ​​Karamay, Xinjiang.
    Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax is used as the raw material to produce high-quality lubricating base oil products in high yields
    ???? Viscosity index and pour point are important indicators for evaluating lubricant base oil products
    The higher the viscosity index and the lower the pour point, the better the stability and fluidity of the lubrication function, which can meet the normal use under severe conditions such as extreme cold environments
    The viscosity index of base oil produced with petroleum-based raw materials is difficult to reach 130, and the viscosity index of base oil produced by coal-based Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax due to its higher wax content can reach 150
    However, due to the characteristics of high melting point and wide distillation range, Fischer-Tropsch synthetic waxes are difficult to produce lubricating base oils with both high viscosity index and low pour point
    For a long time, the industry has been exploring new technologies for efficient conversion of Fischer-Tropsch synthetic waxes into lubricant base oils
    ???? After years of research, the team has successively completed the development of high-performance Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax deep hydroisomerization catalysts, Fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax hydroisomerization-supplementary refining gradation process development and industrial scale up-scale special catalysts Production
    This time, using domestic Fischer-Tropsch synthetic waxes as raw materials, a series of high-end lubricant base oil products were produced, with good results in both viscosity index and pour point
    ???? Among them, the products produced by this technology meet the standards of Class III+ lubricant base oils, which can be used as ultra-high viscosity index lubricant base oils for engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, and grease and so on
    Compared with the main lubricant base oil products on the market I and II oils, this type of product has better viscosity-temperature characteristics, and plays a greater role in energy saving, emission reduction, and extension of the service life of machinery
    ???? In addition to the main products of high-grade lubricant base oil, this technology can also produce high value-added by-products such as aromatic-free solvent oil, drilling fluid, industrial white oil, etc. .
    Wang Congxin, the main person in charge of the research and a researcher at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, introduced that this technology has further enriched the route of coal chemical products and provided an important basis for the upgrading of nearly 10 million tons of coal-based Fischer-Tropsch synthetic oil to the high value-added industrial chain for China’s coal chemical companies.
    Technical solutions.
    The series of high-end lubricant base oil products produced by using this technology are expected to fill the gap in China's high-end lubricant market and achieve self-sufficiency in China's high-end lubricant products
    ???? It is reported that this test was successfully carried out after the cooperation between Dalian Institute of Chemical Industry and Xinjiang Karamay Huaao Special Oil Technology Development Co.
    , Ltd.
    to produce high-viscosity base oil by hydroisomerization of naphthenic heavy oil in 2019.
    The second production test
    ??? China is a big country in the production and consumption of lubricants, and the annual apparent consumption of lubricants reaches 10 million tons
    Among all lubricating oil products, high-end lubricating oil products of category III and above obtain 80% of the profits from 20% of the market, but 80% of the high-end lubricating oil brands in the domestic market are foreign products, and high-end lubricating oils are mainly imported
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