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    Summary of feed raw material trade in Guangzhou port (04 / 8 / 10)

    • Last Update: 2008-11-03
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    Introduction: fish meal: there are containers of Peruvian and Pakistani fish meal to Guangzhou port this week At the weekend, the stock of fish meal in Dagang reservoir area is about 10000 tons The port shipment was very fast, the port quotation increased by 50 yuan / ton, the transaction price was close to the quotation: faq64% 6250 yuan / ton, the actual transaction price was 6200-6250 yuan / ton; sd64% 6350 yuan / ton; Peru 68% SD (within 300 ammonia group) fish meal 6900-7000 yuan / ton; Chile 69% SD (within 300 ammonia group) fish meal 7350-7450 yuan / ton Spot sales are active due to the temporary non arrival of subsequent shipping dates and limited stock available at the port, as well as the need for feed mills to worry about the shortage due to production Due to the arrival of new goods customs clearance will be in the late ten days, it is expected that the near future spot supply is still tight Corn: the port supply is insufficient, the quotation is rising, and the transaction price continues to rise by 20-50 yuan / ton The quotation of safe moisture and high quality natural dry corn is 1490-1500 yuan / ton; the quotation of general quality is 1450-1470 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction price is 1430-1440 yuan / ton Soybean meal: the price rose at the beginning of this week, and fell again in the second half of this week The weekend quotation is 2880-2930 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction price is 2830-2850 yuan / ton There is no centralized and large-scale purchasing behavior in feed factories Meat and bone meal: the price of imported origin Australia is 3800 yuan / T, with few transactions; the domestic sales price is 2550-2600 yuan / T, protein 50%, and digestibility about 60% Whey powder: the quotation is stable, the willingness of merchants to ship is enhanced, the actual transaction price is slightly down, and the sales is slightly improved The price of high protein is 6300-6400 yuan / ton, the sales are not smooth, and the supply is tight; the price of medium protein earth is 4900-4950 yuan / ton, and the actual batch transaction price is 4750-4800 yuan / ton; the price of low protein is the best, and the supply of beauty is relatively sufficient, 4800-4850 yuan / ton, and the actual batch transaction price is 4600-4650 yuan / ton There is not much stock in the port, and there is not much arrival in the near future Hot weather, sales are still not smooth, prices will continue to fluctuate in a small range The price of us gold continued to decline slightly, the order of merchants was more cautious, and the inquiry and transaction were expected to increase Rapeseed meal: Dalang, shiweitang, South Railway Station and other railway stations have arrived one after another The manufacturers are active in purchasing, and the price is stable and upward The weekend quotation: 34% of the transaction price of protein is 1480-1500 yuan / ton, and 36% of the price of protein is 1520-1530 yuan / T Dicalcium phosphate: the price has increased by 150 yuan / ton, and the supply is extremely tight The price of general brands in Dalang, shiweitang and other railway stations is 1600-1650 yuan / ton, and the transaction price is 1580-1600 yuan / T; the price of dicalcium phosphate is 3000-3050 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction price is 2950-2980 yuan / ton The feed factories actively purchase and increase the stock to avoid the production being affected by the shortage The shortage of manufacturers' supply and the increase of the difficulty of car carriage delivery will promote the price to keep stable and upward Feed mixed oil: stable price, origin in the United States, quotation 4850 yuan / ton; origin in Australia, quotation 4750 yuan / ton Fat powder: stable after price rise, tight supply Domestic quotation is 6000-6050 yuan / ton; import quotation is 7000-7100 yuan / ton Lysine: price remains stable At present, the quotation in Guangzhou is 17.6-17.8 yuan / kg for imported products, 17.2-17.5 yuan / kg for actual transaction price, and 17.0 yuan / kg for domestic products Methionine: the price remains stable and the market is weak The quotation is 21.8-22.0 yuan / kg, and the actual transaction price is 21.5-21.7 yuan / kg
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