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    Summary of the method of improving the powder rate on powder coating

    • Last Update: 2020-03-04
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    1, control powder particle size distribution, the narrower the better: reasonable control of powder particle size (more difficult) in our actual production only adjust the speed of aCM's main and secondary grindingPowder particle size important 40-50UM is appropriate, the distribution is about as narrow as possible2, improve the amount of resin to reduce the amount of fillers, choose live good performance of resin, epoxy better powder, some manufacturers polyester powder is more difficult (separate epoxy, polyester grinding into powder plate), friction spray gun spray level is obviously better than static gun, and friction gun can be sprayed thicker coating, coating no high-pressure gun defects such as hair big orange peel3, reasonable selection of fillers: filler fineness and dispersion and powder is very relatedPrecipitated powder than the general ultra-fine heavy radon is higher, sulphate is better than calcium carbonate,2, increase the ductant: in the formulation of the appropriate amount of electrical lyonais (action mechanism: can make powder particles with more chargeThere is a strong electric field in the area where the high-pressure electrostatic spray gun is present, and the air is ionized to produce hundreds of millions of ions, and the powder particles of the additive are polarized as they pass through the region, allowing them to trap more negative ions with more chargeFor groove dead corners and other parts due to the Faraday effect power line is weak, then powder particles with more charge can rely on their own force to reach the surface of the workpiece, thereby improving the powder of these parts"
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