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    Home > Active Ingredient News > Antitumor Therapy > Surgeons "tunnel" skills revealed! The 45-year-old sister had a tumor larger than a basketball removed from her stomach.

    Surgeons "tunnel" skills revealed! The 45-year-old sister had a tumor larger than a basketball removed from her stomach.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-20
    • Source: Internet
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    As the saying goes: How do oncologists who don't understand "tunneling" say that they're not good doctors? Originally, the human body is a complex environmental system of various blood vessel nerves like a dense urban corridor slightly care not careful will be due to the rupture of the corridor caused by dangerous doctors surgery will often encounter "this road is not access" situation, then need to find another way to solve these "barricades" "tunneling" as a common construction method is applied by doctors to the treatment of a variety of diseases Some time ago, Zhejiang University Medical College affiliated with the first hospital oncology surgery for a permission after the huge neuroblastoma patients through two "bright dig" tunnel way to remove the tumor to avoid the risk of haemorrhage and other occurrence 01 physical examination found out the permission after the tumor Shanxi big sister felt that the sky collapsed a month after the operation review, everything is normal! 45-year-old Ms. Shanxi Liu (ad.) hanging heart can finally put down, from the physical examination to find out the body abnormality to the diagnosis of tumors, from cross-provincial medical surgery to discharge review, in the past 3 months, she said that "life has experienced a baptism."
    June this year, Ms. Liu participated in the unit organized by the staff medical examination, B super-test showed a lump in the left abdomen, she followed the doctor's advice to go to the local county hospital, CT test results came out, Ms. Liu felt "the sky collapsed."
    "The doctor said there was a lump in the peritometrium, which was quite large and should be a tumor.
    " those days, Ms. Liu upset, the mood is very bad, "I actually searched the Internet, long in the peritonal tumor are malignant tumors, live soon."
    " the thought of their own like was sentenced to the "death penalty", may soon die, she tea and rice do not think, sleep also can not sleep, every day to work is basically strong support, back home to lock themselves in the room crying.
    "I advised also advised not good, can only tell her will be all right, but where she put her heart.
    " Ms. Liu's lover said, two people still want to hide from the elderly at home, contacted the sister working in Hangzhou to discuss, sister think this is not a common minor problem, can not stand tossing, it is best to go to the big hospital to listen to the opinion of authoritative experts.
    medical level in Hangzhou is more leading in the country, my sister suggested that they go to Zhejiang University Hospital to see.
    023 MDT, surgery risk treatment is bewilgering, So, Ms. Liu and her husband made an appointment with The Deputy Director of Oncology Surgery of Zhejiang University Hospital, Yu Xiongfei Deputy Director of the specialist clinic, with all the medical records and dust servants rushed to Hangzhou.
    when she came to the clinic, a closer look revealed a slight bulge in her left stomach, and a physical examination could touch a lump.
    " Deputy Director Yu Xiongfei introduced, this shows that Ms. Liu's body tumor has been quite large, perfected a series of imaging examination, the doctor found that her tumor from the spine nerve growth, crowding out the entire abdominal cavity, almost 30 cm in diameter, larger than a basketball.
    "The boundaries of this tumor are clear and smooth from CT, and we consider that it may be neuroblastoma."
    "Professor Teng Lixuan, Director of Oncology Surgery, Zhejiang University Hospital, said that most cases of neuroblastoma are benign tumors, but such a huge tumor as Ms. Liu and grow from the spinal nerve, the surgical challenge is still not small.
    , an MDT was performed in the departments of oncology surgery, orthopaedics, anesthesiology, etc.
    The huge tumor not only oppresses the organs in the abdominal cavity, but also ensnagends the abdominal aorta and the cavity veins, two large blood vessels of the human body, which is equivalent to a boulder in the middle of a well-flowing water pipe, becoming a "barricade" during surgery.
    ideally, the tumor could be removed with one operation, but after three major MDT discussions in tumor surgery, experts agreed that a surgical procedure was too risky.
    biggest worry is bleeding! "During an operation to remove two important blood vessels, once the damage to two important blood vessels, within a few minutes the whole body of blood may flow, I am afraid that no longer able to return to the sky, and because of the large tumor, limited surgical vision, may also damage other organs.
    " Professor Teng Lixuan explained that this is like a tunnel, if only from one direction straight through, drilling into the water pipe may cause an immediate "blowout" level of engineering accidents.
    03 doctors in stages "tunnel" to take a lump after the rest of her life, she said this sentence after careful discussion, considering that Ms. Liu is a benign tumor, in a short period of time will not grow rapidly, the doctor gave her a "phased" surgery program, first from her back to make incisions, the spinal tumor removed, rehabilitation after a period of time from the abdominal incision to squeeze the abdominal cavity tumor removal.
    "because the tumor boundary is smooth, does not grow to the important organs and blood vessels, but squeezes the organs, surrounds the blood vessels, so the surgical separation is relatively difficult."
    " Yu Xiongfei deputy director introduced, this program is equivalent to digging tunnels from both directions, until the most critical parts of careful peeling, can minimize the risk of bleeding.
    Although it is inevitable to have two operations, but heard that their tumor is benign, and the prognostication of the operation is also considerable, Ms. Liu instantly had confidence, people are also optimistic, and actively cooperate with the doctor to do a good job of preoperative preparation.
    , director of oncology surgery at Zhejiang University Hospital, and Dr. Chen Bin, deputy director of orthopaedics, performed two operations on Ms. Liu over a period of more than half a month.
    a few days ago, she specially produced a flag for the oncology surgical team.
    doctor also told her that the pathological results showed that her neuroblastoma was benign and did not require chemotherapy at a later stage, as long as it was reviewed regularly.
    "I'm really happy, I have a lot of life feelings.
    " after the robbery of the rest of the life of Ms. Liu want to remind everyone, must enhance health awareness, responsible for their own body, must arrange a medical examination for themselves every year, compared with money, career, health is too important.
    neuroblastoma is a tumor formed by a nerve tumor, belonging to a soft tissue tumor, the cause of the disease may be related to genetic mutations, and the correlation with daily habits is not high.
    experts, the human nerve is actually composed of nerve fibers, the outside is wrapped by a layer of film, equivalent to a wire "core" and "skin", and neuroblastoma is from the skin, as long as there are nerves where it is possible to grow out.
    neuroblastoma is mostly benign, but there is also a chance of evil, if the tumor growth suddenly becomes rapid, it is suggested that there is a possibility of evil.
    In addition to the spinal nerves that grow in the posterior periton, the limbs and intracranial areas are the most common places where neuroblastoma occurs, and like Ms. Liu, patients usually do not have obvious symptoms of discomfort, but neuroblastomas that originate from the hearing nerve can cause tinnitus, hearing loss, facial numbness or pain.
    surgery is the most common treatment for neuroblastoma.
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