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    TEFOSE 63 [emulsifier] polyethylene glycol-7-stearate

    • Last Update: 2021-07-29
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    TEFOSE 63 [Emulsifier]

    Chemical name : Polyethylene glycol-7-stearate

    English name : Pegoxol-7 Stearate

    Application : Non-ionic emulsifier

    At 10-20% usage level, it is used to form a stable and bright cream; when the dosage is less than 8%, it can be used with a gelling agent.

    Appearance : white waxy solid

    Melting point : 46-53°c

    HLB value : 9-10

    Solubility : (20°c, European Pharmacopoeia third edition)

    96 Alcohol: insoluble

    Chloroform: soluble

    Water: dispersed

    Mineral oil: insoluble

    Toxicity : Oral acute toxicity test: no classification

    Skin irritation and corrosion test: no classification

    Eye irritation test: no irritation

    Skin irritation test: no irritation

    Vaginal irritation test: no irritation

    Regulatory status : (1) USP-NF/EP/JPE

    (2) Import registration certificate number: H20050437

    Packing : 10kg/box, 20kg/box, 180kg/box

    Storage : Store in a cool and dry place, avoid exposure to air


    Supplier: Jiafa Shi

    Contact: Manager Liu

    Contact number: 139 1173 0390

    E-mail: eileenliu@gattefossecn.

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