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    The accelerated development of traditional Chinese medicine in the direction of modernization also needs the help of the pharmaceutical machine industry

    • Last Update: 2023-02-01
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    【Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis】Traditional Chinese medicine is a pharmaceutical system
    that reflects the Chinese nation's understanding of life, health and disease, has a long historical tradition and unique theories and technical methods.
    In recent years, the traditional Chinese medicine industry is booming, the scientific and technological innovation of traditional Chinese medicine continues to deepen, and modernization, upgrading and transformation has become a new trend
    in industrial development.
    Traditional Chinese medicine is accelerating its development in the direction of modernization, and it needs the help of the pharmaceutical machine industry (Image source: Pharmaceutical Network) Recently, Shenzhen Junsheng Tai Biotechnology Co.
    , Ltd.
    announced the completion of a $107 million C+ round of financing
    The funds raised in this round will be used to promote the global development, commercialization and business development
    of a number of clinical pipelines in Junshengtai.
    It is reported that since its establishment, Junsheng Tai has been based on source innovation, based on traditional natural medicines with clear pharmacological activity, integrating modern drug design and development concepts, building a rich multi-target original innovative drug pipeline, and has embarked on its own path
    of modern innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine.
    On the whole, the modernization of the traditional Chinese medicine industry has become a general trend
    The industry believes that this is related to
    the state's advocacy of vigorously developing the traditional Chinese medicine industry.
    It is reported that on December 14, 2022, the "Outline of the Strategic Plan for Expanding Domestic Demand (2022~2035)" issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council pointed out that the cause
    of traditional Chinese medicine should be actively developed.
    In March of the same year, the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Chinese Medicine" issued by the General Office of the State Council also pointed out that it is necessary to pay attention to the use of modern science and technology and methods, deeply explore the essence of Chinese medicine, form new characteristics and advantages in innovation, and promote the development of
    Chinese medicine characteristics.
    In the future, with the help of policies, the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine will continue to accelerate
    So how to modernize traditional Chinese medicine? In addition to policy support and building a talent team, industry insiders put forward three specific practices: First, based on meeting unmet clinical needs, adhere to synchronous research and development at home and abroad, and establish a set of innovative Chinese medicine precision research and development models
    Second, create an intelligent manufacturing technology system for traditional Chinese medicines with quality digitalization as the core, and achieve the dual goals
    of curative effect-oriented and precise quality control of traditional Chinese medicines and efficiency-oriented intelligent manufacturing of high-efficiency and low-consumption traditional Chinese medicines.
    Third, tap the digital economic value of Chinese medicine and create a health ecosystem of Chinese medicine
    In fact, "Made in China 2025" has pointed out the direction for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing industry, and in recent years, traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical companies such as Buchang Pharmaceutical, China Resources Sanjiu, and Liuyao Co.
    , Ltd.
    are also closely focusing on the trend of intelligent manufacturing, accelerating the transformation and upgrading to modernization to enhance the core competitiveness
    of enterprises.
    It is worth noting that if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools
    Industry insiders pointed out that in the development process of the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, the key is to improve the level of manufacturing, one of the core of which is pharmaceutical equipment
    "To produce high-quality innovative preparations of traditional Chinese medicine, there must be corresponding manufacturing equipment
    " Therefore, in the process of promoting the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing, in addition to attaching importance to innovation, industry enterprises should also actively use the automated, informatized and intelligent traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical equipment of pharmaceutical machinery enterprises to meet the needs of
    efficient, low-energy-consuming and high-quality production of modern traditional Chinese medicine.
    It is understood that at present, many domestic pharmaceutical equipment enterprises have actively invested in the transformation of automation, intelligence and informatization, strengthening technical research around the relevant links of traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing, and developing intelligent, networked, digital and new sets of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical equipment and overall solutions in line with the concept of environmental protection to help the modernization process
    of traditional Chinese medicine.
    In this context, the industry expects that in the future, by enabling equipment with science and technology and accelerating the localization of traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical equipment, it will greatly improve the production efficiency of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, improve product quality, accelerate traditional Chinese medicine to the world, and better serve
    public health.
    Disclaimer: Under no circumstances does the information or opinions expressed herein constitute investment advice
    to anyone.
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