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    Home > Biochemistry News > Microbiology News > The Chinese team's newly launched new crown virus Nature paper has been questioned about alleged image fraud and fabricated data.

    The Chinese team's newly launched new crown virus Nature paper has been questioned about alleged image fraud and fabricated data.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-28
    • Source: Internet
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    Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, many researchers have been fighting the epidemic and the research results are continuously. Up to May 11th, only two preprint platforms, bioRxiv and medRxiv, have launched more than 3200 new crown research papers.

    in addition to a large number of preprinted papers that have not been peer-reviewed, many excellent new crown research results have been officially published in academic journals as time goes on. Only Chinese people have published dozens of new crown research papers on CNS and four major medical journals.

    however, while the research results are blowout, we should not ignore that the uneven research quality also leads to a large number of imprecise and even misleading research conclusions. On May 6, 2020, Qinchuan team of Institute of experimental animals, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and other teams published a research paper entitled "rapid development of an inactive vaccine candidate for sars-cov-2" in the international top academic journal Science, which was published in the preprint in advance on April 20, 2020 Biorxiv.

    this is the first publicly reported animal experimental study results of the new coronal vaccine. The research results show that the candidate vaccine is safe in rhesus monkeys. Based on these research results, the research team officially launched the phase I clinical study of the new crown vaccine, and the first batch of volunteers have successfully enrolled and completed the first vaccination.

    one day later, on May 7, the Qin Chuan team from the Institute of experimental animal, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, published a research paper entitled "the pathogenicity of sars-cov-2 in hace2transgenic mice" in the world's top academic journal Nature, which was published in advance on February 28, 2020 in the preprint biorxiv.

    in this study, a new coronavirus (sars-cov-2) was used to infect hace2 transgenic mice to study the pathogenicity of the new coronavirus. The novel coronavirus pneumonia (
    ) provides important support for understanding the development of new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) and the development of related drugs and vaccines.

    the speed of light has been questioned. However, less than five days after the paper was launched, Elisabeth bik, a famous researcher against counterfeiting, pointed out in pubpeer, a scientific research exchange website, that there was a picture problem in this newly launched Nature paper, and the pictures of different processing groups in Figure 1A even overlapped (in the blue box).

    subsequently, Twitter users pointed out that there are also many problems in Figure 1 of the paper. The outliers in figures 1b and 1C are exactly the same, while those in Figure 1E are completely symmetrical.

    at present, this paper has only been online for 5 days in nature. According to Google academic, this paper has been cited by other papers for 9 times, and the paper has been viewed 16000 times on nature website, which can be said to have a great impact.

    novel coronavirus pneumonia journal, the research results are numerous. In order to let more people learn more about the progress of related research, many researchers have launched the paper in advance, leading to the blowout of preprint papers, and there have been many theories of quality.

    however, as one of the top academic institutions in China, there are such obvious problems in the papers published online in nature, let alone the research on the new crown epidemic situation, which makes people think deeply.

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