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    The Drug Administration has strengthened the management of Chinese medicine injections into a province's key monitoring scope

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    In July, the national and local regulatory policies for Chinese medicine injections have been introduced. On July 3, the State Drug Administration requested two Chinese medicine injections to be revised; on July 10, the State Health and Safety Commission and other departments required medical institutions to prescribe Chinese medicine injections separately; and on July 10, anhui Provincial Health and Planning Commission included Chinese medicine injections in the scope of key monitoring.
    China's urban public hospitals, county-level public hospitals, urban community centers and township hospitals (China's public medical institutions) terminal sales in 2017 amounted to 102.15 billion yuan, a decline of 2.52%, according to the Mienet database.Chinese medicine injections into a province's key monitoring
    On July 10, Anhui Provincial Health and Planning Commission issued a "notice on improving the monitoring and early warning management system of key drugs", aimed at strengthening the supervision of drug procurement and use in public medical institutions, promoting rational drug use and reducing drug costs.
    In the selection of key drug monitoring catalogues, the focus is on monitoring antimicrobial drugs, Chinese medicine injections, ancillary drugs, nutritional drugs, drugs with high rates of adverse clinical reactions, drugs with rapid growth in use without special reasons, and other drugs with high prices and high dosages.
    Selection principle according to the jurisdiction, the unit in the provincial drug procurement platform procurement amount and growth rate of the ranking, reference prices, dosing and normal procurement usage, after expert demonstration, to determine the key drug monitoring directory.
    for Anhui Province to be announced the key drug monitoring directory, which Chinese medicine injection varieties will be listed, will affect the relevant Chinese medicine injection manufacturers nerves.The State Health and Safety Commission and other departments require Chinese medicine injections to be prescribed separately
    on July 10, the National Health and Health Commission, the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Logistics support department of the Central Military Commission jointly issued the Notice on the Prescription Audit Specifications of Medical Institutions. All prescriptions are required to be approved before they can enter the price-paying and deployment process, and unaudited prescriptions may not be charged and allocated. Make it clear that the pharmacist is the first person responsible for the prescription review, and the pharmacist should review the contents of the physician's prescription one by one. At the same time, it is proposed that Chinese medicine tablets, Chinese medicine injections should be prescribed separately.
    the impact of the policy, related products in 2017 sales decline, after prescription management will also face a reduction in the frequency of drug use, which will be another impact on Chinese medicine injection manufacturers.Two more Chinese medicine injections were named
    following the ginseng injection, Chaihu injection, double yellow injection, dansin injection, and Tymlatin injection, two more Chinese medicine injections were requested by the Pharmacy Administration to revise the instructions.
    July 3, the State Drug Administration issued a letter requesting the revision of the instructions for the clearing of the injection and injection of beneficial gas complex veins (freeze-dried). Clearly explain that Qing Kailing injection newborns, infants and young children disabled!
    , according to the Mienet database, there are 19 production approvals for Qing Kailing injections, involving 9 production enterprises. In 2017, the sales of Qing Kailing injections reached 2.1 billion yuan in terminals of public medical institutions in China. There is only one production approval for the injection of beneficial gas complex, involving one production enterprise. In 2017, sales of injection gas complex in China's public medical institutions reached 650 million yuan. (Mi Net)
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