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    The drugmaker's shares are up 1557% in two months, thanks to the advantage of the track!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    "Pharmaceutical Network Corporate News" Recently, the new stock market ushered in a market eye-opening "overlord stock", the stock listed on April 29, the issue price of 8.75 yuan / share, the first day of the day rose 44%But as everyone expected, as of the close on June 9th, it had won 26 straight points, and its share price had hit 145 yuan a share.
    The "overlord stock" here is in fact Wantai Bio, whose market value has soared to 57.7 billion yuan.
    So why on earth did the stock price soar, which is the "one shot and the red" of Wantai Bio? You know, the market is never going to go crazy about a stock without any basisTo put it another, this is related to the in vitro diagnosis of Wantai bio- and the two-wheeled driving force of the vaccine.
    According to public information, Wantai bio-main in vitro diagnostic reagents, in vitro diagnostic instruments and vaccine research and marketingIn the field of in vitro diagnosis, its main products are HIV diagnostic reagents, hepatitis B diagnostic reagents and so onIn 2020, with the increase of the demand for outbreak detection, The testing reagent business of Wantai Bio has become a bright spotAt present, the company has a number of related testing kit products, has been CE EU certification, and to South Korea, Italy, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands and other countries supplyIn this context, Wantai bio shares are favored by the market can be imagined.
    In addition, Wantai Biology in the field of in vitro diagnostic reagents, instruments has obtained a total of 5 new drug certificates, 9 drug registration certificates, more than 300 national medical device registration certificates, 16 EU CE certification, 2 World Health Organization PQ certification, access to 154 countries secondary standard substance stakesIt can be seen that Wantai in the field of in vitro diagnosis strength is not great.
    It is worth mentioning that Wantai bio also performed very well in the field of vaccinesIt is reported that at present, it has formed a complete upstream original innovation theory research, midstream engineering transformation technology, downstream industrialization of the whole chain systemAnd through deep accumulation, a total of 106 vaccine-related invention patents have been granted (of which 36 Chinese licenses, 41 European and American Japan authorizations, 29 other authorizations)Among them, a number of products in the domestic leader, international advanced level.
    The main concern here is that the first second-priced HPV vaccine (the trade name "Sinkonin") jointly developed by Wantai Bio and Xiamen University It is the first domestic approved domestic binary HPV vaccine, on December 31, 2019 was officially approved for listing, the vaccine has now begun to accept scheduled vaccination.
    It is understood that the current global market HPV vaccine in short supply, there is a huge export space Vantai's 2-price HPV vaccine follows WHO PQ certification and international mainstream regulatory requirements, has been supported by the Gates Foundation and the German Development Bank for international promotion, there are now Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa and other manufacturers to discuss cooperation The industry expects that with the Wantai Bio 2-price HPV vaccine through who PQ certification, in the broad international market will have much to offer.
    In general, Wantai Bio in similar domestic enterprises, its layout pipeline, research and development basis and product system, have a certain competitive advantage And these advantages also give investors more room to imagine and make it popular with capital But whether the development of Wantai after the creatures can be smooth sailing or not, but also need to look at the later on to a variety of possible risks to deal with the ability.
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