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    The electric vehicle market is growing rapidly, how to meet unknown challenges?

    • Last Update: 2022-12-30
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    Globally, the electric vehicle market is growing rapidly
    Faced with the growing demand for new energy vehicles (NEVs), manufacturers and their suppliers must accelerate engineering, R&D, design and production, which poses new challenges
    to the quality assurance process.


    Batteries are components
    that are closely related to the safety and structure of electric vehicles.
    As a result, customers expect higher capacity, i.
    range per charge.



    GOM optical measurement


    Quality control is critical


    "Batteries are at the heart of electric vehicles, and manufacturers must prioritize ensuring their quality, with high priority


    Albert Mo

    Head of the ZEISS Technology Center for New Energy Vehicle Solutions


    If they want to manufacture reliable, long-life batteries, manufacturers must adhere to the highest quality standards: Since a wide range of imaging, analysis and measurement solutions are critical to battery research and quality control of cells and trays, cells, modules and trays
    must be manufactured to strict tolerance standards.


    • Quality assurance of batteries is a complex process

    • Battery properties such as materials, electrodes, cells, modules and battery trays can be checked using different measurement techniques



    Special high-efficiency booster

    Manufacturing process solutions

    When developing batteries, use an industrial microscope to analyze microstructures and possible impurities


    In the production process, X-ray and computed tomography (CT) systems are mainly used for non-destructive analysis of battery cells and modules


    Use optical automatic inspection system to ensure the smoothness, assembly accuracy and dimensional accuracy of the sealing area of the battery tray



    Battery trays, also known as battery carriers, are another important component
    of new energy vehicles.
    The battery tray is more than just a component, it is fully integrated into the body, so its stability is also crucial
    During the production process, battery trays need to pass through multiple quality gates to meet safety requirements and thus ensure the quality of
    the entire vehicle.


    One of the important quality thresholds is the completion of the inspection of geometric dimensions
    The smoothness of the battery tray, the accuracy of assembly and the sealing area all affect the dimensional accuracy
    of the entire car body.
    In addition, the battery module must be properly inserted into the chamber where thermal paste is applied to ensure safe operation



    • The ATOS ScanBox can be used for a wide range of applications, up to the complete measurement of the entire car body

    • ATOS ScanBox optimizes batch inspection processes, and standardized, automated processes increase part yields and reduce scrap




    Powerful combination of hardware and software


    Using optical 3D measurement equipment to inspect the structure, composition and dimensional accuracy of components can improve and ensure the safety, reliability and battery capacity
    of new energy vehicles.


    The software of the optical 3D measuring device uses the CAD data of the component to fully automate teach-in
    programming of the robot's position and path.
    The measurement technology is traceable and complies with the requirements of
    ISO 10360.


    GOM Inspect Pro uses a parametric concept to track and transfer all process steps in a project and speed up



    • The ATOS ScanBox captures low-noise graphics

    • Capture sharp details even on dark or shiny surfaces

    • With GOM Inspect, 3D test data is evaluated and analyzed and comprehensive reports are created


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    Application of ScanBox in quality control

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