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    The first domestic all-gravity balanced oil-gas-water treatment integrated device was successfully developed

    • Last Update: 2021-06-11
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    May 25, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation organized well-known experts and scholars, to Sennuo Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    declared "all-gravity balance of oil and gas integrated water treatment device" review to identify innovations

    Experts at the meeting agreed that the achievement is a revolutionary breakthrough in oil and gas field construction and a process reengineering

    The whole device is ingeniously conceived, and the scattered processing facilities of the oil field station are concentrated in one point.
    It is a high-level innovation and is generally at the international leading level

    ????? As a restructuring enterprise of Shengli Oilfield, Sennuo Technology has always been committed to serving the high-quality development of oilfields.
    It adheres to the strategy of "party building, innovation-driven, and talent guarantee".
    It uses more than 10% of the sales revenue every year.
    "Four new" research and development

    In view of the long process, large area, high energy consumption, and high risk of safety and environmental protection that are common in oil field oil, gas and water treatment devices, in August 2020, the company established a company headed by deputy general manager and national survey and design master Pei Hong A research team of 16 people, their average age is 35 years old, of which 10 are party members

    The young team worked hard.
    On March 20, 2021, the "integrated device" was successfully put into trial operation, achieving 17 characteristic goals such as full balance, full gravity, skid-mounted, and intelligent

    ????? On April 26, 2021, the relevant leaders of Shengli Oilfield Branch came to the test site of Niu 35 transfer station of Xianhe Oil Production Plant and visited the "integrated device" developed by Sennuo Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    Fully affirmed the "integrated device", believing that the design idea of ​​the "integrated device" is novel and ingenious, and the design concept is scientifically advanced.
    It has realized the efficient integration and intensive operation of the existing processes, which is the realization of "energy saving and reducing An innovative move with the goal of "consumption, quality and efficiency"

    ? "Integrated device" can save more than 80% energy, zero emissions, save more than 85% of land, save more than 50% of investment, intelligent and unattended, combined with new energy can achieve pure green, negative carbon emissions, It provides the system with oil, gas and aquatic products that meet the requirements of the standard, and achieves a substantial increase in processing, energy, and personnel efficiency.
    It has extremely high social and economic value and broad application prospects

    ???? At present, the "integrated device" has obtained 7 national patents

    As the "integrated device" has passed the appraisal of relevant departments, it will be popularized and applied in various oil and gas fields in China

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