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    The future development trend of the "pulse" pharmaceutical industry, the five sub-sectors are optimistic.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-29
    • Source: Internet
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    "Pharmaceutical network market analysis" since this year, the pharmaceutical sector has received a good benefit, by the industry's attention.
    The pharmaceutical sector rose on August 17th, with Novarte's shares up more than 7%, Tianyu's shares up more than 5%, Huahua Pharmaceuticals up more than 4%, and Yifan Pharmaceuticals, Unsung Pharmaceuticals, Four Rings Bio, Heit Bio, Fuxiang Shares and other stocks rising to varying degrees.
    note that the pharmaceutical circuit is broad, covering biological products, pharmaceutical business, medical equipment, medical services and other sub-sectors.
    the industry as the division intensified, industry analysts believe that in the pulse of the pharmaceutical industry trends, there are five major sub-sectors.
    is a pharmacy.
    with the increase of labor compensation and rent costs of pharmacies, the corresponding sales and management costs are increasing, and the chain of retail pharmacies is becoming the trend of the pharmaceutical retail industry.
    this year, Guangdong Dasinlin Pharmacy, People's Pharmacy, Yifeng Pharmacy and other chain pharmacy listed companies are accelerating mergers and acquisitions integration.
    industry believes that in the future, the market value of these pharmacy leaders will grow more space.
    second is medical devices.
    With the intensification of aging and the upgrading of consumption, the demand for medical devices such as orthopaedics, implantable medical devices and imaging diagnostic equipment will continue to expand in the future, while with the support of relevant policies, domestic medical device import substitution accelerated, the market development space is broad, leading enterprises are expected to get more opportunities in the market.
    third is nuclear medicine.
    the threshold of the nuclear drug industry is high, China's nuclear drug industry started late, with the continuous improvement of industry penetration, the industry believes that the industry has broad prospects, optimistic about the relevant companies with advantages.
    it is understood that at present, China's Tong spoke and Dongcheng pharmaceutical industry as the main competitors in the domestic nuclear drug market, the total accounted for more than 70% of the market, showing a double oligarch competition pattern, competitive advantage is significant.
    , which is a late adopter in the field of nuclear medicine, began to quickly seize the market through extension in 2015 and currently has a number of major nuclear drug products such as diagnosis and treatment.
    fourth is the testing industry.
    it is understood that in the domestic medical examination industry, long-term presentation of "public medical institutions mainly, private professional medical examination institutions as a supplement" market pattern.
    , public hospitals account for more than 70% of the total market share in health check-ups, while private medical examination institutions have a market share of less than 30%.
    Since this year, the medical examination industry, including private medical examination institutions, has accelerated its continued efforts in the field of "Internet", and the industry expects that the future testing industry will be combined with mobile Internet, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, and online services will be intelligent, digital transformation, while personalized development will also become the future development trend of the medical examination industry.
    With the increasing trend of aging, the growth of the number of patients with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the increase of people's demand for healthy living, as well as the promotion of the big health strategy, as an important link in the health industry, the medical examination industry will undoubtedly usher in important development opportunities, the whole industry will show a vigorous development trend.
    fifth is an innovative drug.
    with the implementation of policies such as the normalization of collection and pharmaceutical negotiation, drugs with low clinical value and lack of economy will be phased out, and innovation will become a major trend in the development of the pharmaceutical industry.
    Securities Research Report pointed out that it is optimistic about the dynamic adjustment of medical insurance dividends, the supply of innovative drug release improved, payment tilt, superimposed under the review reform of the number of local innovative drug IND (clinical trial declaration of new drugs) continued to reach a new high, is expected to usher in 2023-2026 domestic innovative drug golden development period.
    this context, innovative pharmaceutical companies with innovation and research and development capabilities will be favored.
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