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    The Guidelines for Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Chinese Herbal-Related Liver Injury were published

    • Last Update: 2021-02-05
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, led by the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the PLA 302nd Hospital and Beijing You'an Hospital, affiliated with the Capital Medical University, jointly formulated the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine group standard "Chinese herbal medicine-related liver injury clinical diagnosis and treatment guidelines" issued in Beijing. This guide will play a positive role in the diagnosis and treatment of herbal-related liver injury, and in the correct guidance evaluation and research.
    -related liver damage to Chinese herbal medicine refers to liver damage caused by Chinese medicine, natural medicine and its related preparations. In recent years, with the widespread use of Chinese herbal medicines in the international scope, the continuous improvement of the national drug adverse reaction monitoring system and the great increase in public attention to adverse drug reactions, reports of Chinese herbal medicine-related liver injury (hereinafter referred to as HILI) are on the rise, and more and more attention has been paid. However, due to the lack of medical liver injury diagnosis norms and standards that reflect the complex characteristics of Chinese herbal medicine, clinical HILI diagnosis is prone to misdiagnosis and other phenomena. In addition, the classification and comparison of Chinese and Western medicine liver injury drugs is unreasonable, resulting in HILI in the composition of drug liver injury and reporting is very different, easy to cause misleading public opinion.
    In order to clarify the relationship between liver injury and Chinese herbal medicine, scientifically regulate HILI diagnosis and treatment, correctly guide HILI evaluation and research, supported by the first batch of chinese science and technology association group standard pilot project, by the PLA 302 Hospital, Chinese and Western medicine combined treatment and research center director, the director of the Institute of Chinese Medicine, Xiao Xiaohe researcher and the Capital Medical University affiliated Beijing You'an Dr. Li Xiuhui, Director of the Center for the Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine in hospitals, jointly led the organization of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hepatopathic Disease Branch and the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Branch of more than 50 experts to jointly discuss and demonstrate, draft and formulate the first domestic and foreign specifically for Chinese herbal medicine-related liver injury diagnosis and treatment technical standards - "Chinese herbal medicine-related liver injury clinical diagnosis and treatment guide."
    The guide includes 14 elements of HILI terminology and definition, epidemiology, influence factors, clinical manifestations and classifications, severity classification, identification of diagnostic strategies and methods, diagnostic criteria, treatment principles and prevention, as well as 9 recommendations that fully consider and reflect the scientific and advanced nature of HILI clinical treatment Practicality, effectively improve the level of precise diagnosis and treatment of HILI, guide the clinical rational use of drugs, reduce the occurrence of chinese herbal liver injury, scientific research at home and abroad HILI occurred objectivity, overcome the "non-Western medicine, that is, Chinese medicine" diagnostic thinking of the one-sided and limitations, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the cause of Chinese medicine and other important significance. (China News Network)
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