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    The high weather-resistant plastic grade titanium dioxide DR-2589 was successfully held.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-09
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    On June 9, 2020, Kunming Dongyu Titanium Co., Ltd. domestic sulfuric acid gold-redstone type titanium dioxide high-end new products - "high weather-resistant plastic grade titanium dioxide DR-2589" was successfully held at the InterContinental Hotel in Kunming, Yunnan Province, a complete success. The launch showcased the DR-2589's outstanding product performance and broad market prospects under the theme of "Manufacturing with Ingenuity and Creating the Future". Kunming Dongyu Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest sulfuric acid gold redstone production enterprises in Yunnan Province, the company and Jiangsu Panhua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. to develop and manufacture the most advanced sulfuric acid plastic grade titanium white powder

    This conference has been highly valued by people from all walks of life, China Net, Today's headlines, China Chemical News, Yunnan Daily, Yunnan Radio, Spring City Evening News, Yunnan Economic News, Yunnan Information News, Yunnan Rule of Law Economic Network and other news media, as well as dealers from all over the country have participated in this conference, indicating that the industry and society on product innovation attention and affirmation.
    's new product launch was first welcomed by Shen Honghua, Executive Vice President of Dongyi Titanium Industry, and Yu Xiaoguang, General Manager of Panhua Chemical, and introduced the basic situation of the new DR-2589 and the company situation, especially thanks to the support and assistance given to enterprises in the research and development process of DR-2589. The DR-2589 product promotional film was broadcast live at the launch, which provided a comprehensive interpretation of the product's outstanding high-end application performance. At the end of the press conference, Shen Honghua Deputy General Manager and Chairman Ni Xiaoguang received a live media interview on the characteristics of the new product and the future development industry.
    DR-2589 is a high weather-resistant redstone titanium dioxide pigment designed for outdoor plastic applications with features such as: super blue background phase and high coloration, outstanding dispersion, outstanding masking ability, excellent processing fluidity, low high temperature volatiles, excellent heat resistance stability, high weather resistance and outstanding weather resistance. By third-party testing institutions and downstream user testing, product application performance reached the domestic leading and international advanced level.
    "cooperative innovation" is one of the characteristics of the continuous innovation and upgrading of the products of Dongyu titanium industry. According to reports, Dongyu titanium industry and the domestic well-known titanium industry technology company Panhua Chemical in October 2016 to form a strategic partner to carry out titanium dioxide product research and development, manufacturing, marketing comprehensive cooperation, in May 2017 successfully developed and manufactured the leading domestic International advanced products "high-end plastic dedicated titanium dioxide DR-2588", by many downstream international and domestic advanced enterprises to adopt, long-term supply of products in short supply, sales prices in the domestic sulfate method titanium dioxide the highest end, for enterprises and society to create value. According to the user's needs, the two sides on the basis of DR-2588 to carry out high weather resistance product research and development, in the third-party testing institutions and some advanced users with the support of the end of 2019 to complete the product development, after the January 2020 trial production and user test evaluation, in May 30, 2020 official production. The DR-2589 will complement the DR-2588's indoor and outdoor plastic applications, expanding sales applications across a wide range of areas to help downstream users reduce costs and upgrade their products.
    "dare to be the first" is the second characteristic of the high-quality development of the titanium industry. Dongyu titanium industry in product innovation at the same time, in other aspects also have the courage to walk in the forefront of the industry. This time, Dongyu titanium industry for DR-2589 filmed a product promotion film, the first industry products to take the first shot of film and television promotion, this launch also took the online live broadcast mode, online broadcast launch site and product application performance technology solutions, but also the industry's first innovation attempt.
    products reflect the pursuit of enterprises. Dongyu titanium industry adhere to the "manufacturing high-end products, green environmental protection development" road, Pan-China Chemistry is "committed to the progress of titanium dioxide science and technology, improve the quality of human life" as a belief. The two companies, which seek complementary capabilities, work closely together to develop unusual creativity: they are developing application segmentation series on high-end plastic titanium dioxide powder, and several application segments are being developed after DR-2588 and DR-2589; We look forward to the East Titanium industry in the high-quality development of the road further and further, to make more contributions to society.
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