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    The latest news of traditional Chinese medicine injection is coming!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    About 1 / 3 of the more than 100 varieties of traditional Chinese medicine injections are good, 1 / 3 are to be delisted, and 1 / 3 are to be improved, Zhang Boli told saibelanIt has been revealed that he has submitted two proposals to launch the acceptance of re evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine injection as soon as possible< br / > recently, Wuhan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltdissued the notice on soliciting public opinions on the list of key monitoring and rational use drugs in Wuhan in 2020< br / > according to Cyprian, there are 30 varieties in the list of drugs for key monitoring and rational use of drugs in Wuhan in 2020, in addition to 20 varieties in the list of drugs for national key monitoring, In addition, 10 varieties of Guhong injection, Shenxiong Injection, Luffa polypeptide injection, placenta polypeptide injection, safflower yellow pigment injection, alanyl glutamine, riboflavin sodium phosphate, invert sugar, xylitol, etchave been added, among which part of traditional Chinese medicine injections appear< br / > at the end of May, Qinghai Medical Insurance Bureau issued a notice on submitting the data related to the centralized purchasing of drugs by provincial organizations in 2020The scope of provincial-level centralized mining is extended againIt is worth discussing that the volume purchase is included in the traditional Chinese medicine injection for the first timehas been buying novel coronavirus pneumonia from the local purchasing volume and entering the new multi crown version of the new pneumonia diagnostic schemeThe injection of traditional Chinese medicine has once again entered the field of visionWill it usher in a new round of vitality because of the new crown disease? < br / > in any case, traditional Chinese medicine injections have faced many controversies: the use of medical insurance is limited, 99% of traditional Chinese medicine injections can only be used in hospitals above the second level; export trade cannot be realized, and sales can be realized overseas; because of the largest amount, it is often designated as a frequent customer of "auxiliary drugs" Catalogue in each province - because of clinical evidence-based problems and side effects that are criticized, It seems that there is a trend that "traditional Chinese medicine injections withdraw from the historical stage"< br / > so in recent years, traditional Chinese medicine injections have experienced "prescription restriction", revision of instructions, payment restriction of medical insurance and key monitoring, but a variable has also followed - the new crown epidemic situationTraditional Chinese medicine injections have been included in multiple versions of diagnosis and treatment programs because of their good efficacy in the epidemic situation, and become famous in the first World WarWhat direction will traditional Chinese medicine injections face in the future? < br / > data shows that in 2018, the operating revenue of traditional Chinese medicine industry increased by 10.29% year on year, and the net profit increased by 2.31% year on yearAffected by the increasing efforts of medical insurance and fee control, the revenue of large varieties of traditional Chinese medicine injections of many pharmaceutical enterprises decreased significantly, which slowed down the performance growth of the whole industry, while some traditional Chinese medicine OTC and brand traditional Chinese medicine still maintained rapid growth< br / > on the whole, traditional Chinese medicine injections, Chinese herbal pieces and Chinese patent medicines all seem to go to different paths For example, due to the aggravation of medical insurance and fee control, the sales volume of traditional Chinese medicine injections has declined significantly; at the same time, some traditional Chinese medicines are subject to many restrictions in the admission, clinical use and drug proportion assessment; and the state strongly supports the development of traditional Chinese medicine pieces and formula granules What is the direction for the country to guide the development of traditional Chinese medicine? Is oral Chinese medicine the general trend? < br / > in response, Zhang Boli, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, President of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine and honorary president of Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, told sabilan that it must be clear that "traditional Chinese medicine injection is used in emergency and severe cases" For example, when the new crown patients are severe, they need to use enough traditional Chinese medicine injection, which can control the development of the disease and even "turn the tide" In the case of emergency treatment, traditional Chinese medicine injection can be used, but in general, oral medicine is encouraged Originally, medicine is to try not to inject orally, but not to inject intravenously < br / > he further explained that there were some safety problems in the traditional Chinese medicine injection 13 years ago, the state put forward the re evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine injection after being put on the market Although the safety has been improved a lot in recent years, it has not been accepted yet < br / > indeed, the safety of traditional Chinese medicine injections has always been questioned by people According to the annual report of national ADR monitoring (2019) issued by the national ADR monitoring center, in 2019, the ADRs / events of traditional Chinese medicine were distributed according to the route of administration, with 45.5% of them were injected, and 98.5% of them were injected intravenously < br / >, This is a big problem I hope that the relevant departments will play a role, catch up on this work quickly, encourage the good and withdraw the bad " Zhang Boli said frankly < br / > it is understood that there is no news about the re evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine injections, which seems to be closely related to the lack of re evaluation criteria After all, the consistency evaluation of chemical generic injection can refer to foreign experience to determine the reference preparation and evaluation criteria, but only how to determine the reference preparation of traditional Chinese medicine injection is a problem < br / > at present, according to the real world evidence collected in clinical use, some of the listed traditional Chinese medicine injections are designed for clinical trials to prove the clinical efficacy That is to say, a number of enterprises have done their work, and should start the acceptance as soon as possible, so that the injections with accurate efficacy, accurate indications and higher safety can be preserved in the shuffling < br / > to some extent, traditional usage such as oral Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal pieces is the core opportunity of Chinese medicine at present The current policy guidance of the state on Chinese medicine is to encourage the return of traditional usage of Chinese medicine For example, the State Council officially issued the opinions on promoting the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine, which has played an important role in the fields of disease prevention, grass-roots, chronic disease treatment, rehabilitation training, etc., and raised the status of traditional Chinese medicine to a new height < br / > encouraging oral varieties is a clear policy trend For example, Chinese herbal pieces are not included in the proportion of drugs in public hospitals, and they are not included in centralized drug procurement policies < br / > but at the same time, Zhang Boli specially reminded: "traditional Chinese medicine doctors prescribe decoction, of which pieces of decoction are the most frequently used Now the country also pays attention to the quality of pieces of decoction, but it should emphasize the rational use of drugs At present, some doctors prescribe a large number of drugs, each with dozens of grams We do not advocate this " < br / > he shared the experience of a foreign visit to cypress blue: "American traditional Chinese medicine prescribes more than ten kinds of medicine, each of which is more than ten grams, which is a very strict small prescription The monarch and his subjects are very clear I am very sad How can Chinese traditional medicine not prescribe medicine? Open up a lot of space " < br / > "on the one hand, we need to improve our academic literacy, on the other hand, it is also the consequence of the past medical care with drugs It is the evil result of making a large prescription for commission, linking medicine and making more prescriptions for commission Now that it has been decoupled, I believe it will gradually return to normal conditions, which is more reasonable Careful syndrome differentiation, precise medication, prescriptions do not prescribe too many drugs, the amount should not be too large, so as to reflect the level of the doctor Otherwise, it will cause the risk of over spending and drug harm " Zhang Boli suggested.
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