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    The local chicken project in Zhaotong District of Yunnan Province started smoothly

    • Last Update: 2001-08-03
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    Introduction: in order to earnestly implement the spirit of Zhaotong regional economic work conference, ensure the GDP growth of the whole district in 2001 by 7%, and realize the per capita net income increase of farmers in the whole district by 50 yuan As one of the main sources of increasing farmers' income, animal husbandry, with the support of the leaders of the local Party committee and the relevant departments, held a special meeting on animal husbandry development in the whole region on April 26 After the meeting, the Department issued the document zhaoshufa [2001] No 45 "Zhaotong regional administration's opinions on starting the development of chicken industry in the whole region"; Zhaotong The agricultural and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Finance Bureau and Poverty Alleviation Office of the Regional Administration jointly issued the document of zhaoshunongju Zi [2001] No 86 "measures for the implementation of the organization and management of the local chicken project, the pillar industry of animal husbandry in Zhaotong district" Later, according to the feasibility study report of the local chicken project in each county, the bank approved 11 counties (districts) free development funds, poverty alleviation funds of 5.8 million yuan, paid world bank loans of 6.7 million yuan, and fully launched the local chicken project, one of the "four major projects" of the animal husbandry pillar industry At present, the local chicken project has started steadily, progressed smoothly and developed well 97 incubation and brooding sites have been set up, 105768 chickens have been hatched, 33951 eggs are being hatched, 6268 chickens are being raised, 13500 chickens are introduced from other places, 80200 healthy chickens have been put in, and more than 3000 farmers have been raised (author:) share to feed Weibo share to:
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