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    The medicine was officially named

    • Last Update: 2021-01-07
    • Source: Internet
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    On November 24th, Shaanxi Provincial Public Resources Trading Center issued a Notice on the Declaration of the Price of Calcium Glucosate Injection Hanging Network.
    notice shows that, in order to implement the anti-monopoly law enforcement effectiveness of the relevant departments of the state, effectively reduce the purchase price of calcium glucosate injections, regulate the online procurement and distribution of drugs, combined with the pre-research situation, is now on the calcium glucosate injection price declaration work notice as follows: First, the scope of the declaration has been in our province platform hanging network of the relevant production enterprises and has passed the third batch of drugs sunshine hanging network qualification examination, can normal supply of enterprises can participate in this price declaration work.
    , the declaration requirements 1. The declared online price for the supply to all levels of medical institutions in our province, in principle, not higher than the average daily cost of low-cost drugs standards.
    2. The declaring enterprise shall undertake to report the true and objective price of the registered network, not higher than the lowest provincial-level list price, not higher than the lowest purchase price of the same variety of the enterprise in 2020 (as of October 31).
    3. Enterprises that are unable to produce and supply normally are not required to make online quotations, but must submit a request for suspension of the network.
    does not participate in the quotation, nor does it submit an application for suspension of the suspension of the network, it shall be processed according to the cancellation of the hanging network.
    26 November 2020 from 0830 to 17:00.
    the price of raw materials has increased 55 times, a number of enterprises were fined as early as April this year, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued by far the largest fine in the field of raw materials - a total of 325.5 million yuan in fines.
    three companies have been selling raw materials for up to two years, which is calcium gluconate.
    is understood to have increased the price of calcium glucosate in 2017 compared with 2014 prices, the price of calcium glucosate raw materials sales increased by as much as 19 times to 54.6 times.
    the upstream enterprises monopolize the API, the downstream preparation production enterprises have no room for negotiation at all, the price and quantity of the transaction are determined by the upstream enterprises.
    addition, these companies control not only raw materials, but also preparations.
    They force preparation manufacturers to buy back the calcium glucosate injections produced to themselves, or use them as their own foundry to sell calcium glucosate injections on their own instructions, otherwise they will not supply injections of calcium glucosate.
    , the price of calcium glucosate injections has risen as the raw material for calcium glucosate has been manipulated.
    , the price of preparations has soared, gone out of stock and been out of stock due to the monopoly of price increases on API.
    provinces have issued notices of shortages of medicines due to rising prices for raw materials, which have prevented supplies from being guaranteed.
    the price of many first aid drugs remained stable until 2013 and gradually increased slightly after 2013, according to the Lilac Garden's Insight database.
    , however, by 2018, the price of many first aid drugs will have skyrocketed, by more than 10 times or even 70 times.
    According to the relevant pharmaceutical companies, many cheap drug prices or out of stock, in fact, and calcium glucosate, are due to man-made control of raw materials, resulting in a large increase in production costs of non-raw material manufacturers.
    this is a common phenomenon in the pharmaceutical industry in the past two years, such as isoniazid, paracemin and other raw materials, the price has risen from 2,000 yuan a kilogram to 50,000 yuan.
    reasonable price increases for the shortage of medicines are understandable, but if the price increases caused by the illegal monopoly of pharmaceutical raw materials for profit are to be made, we firmly oppose and crack down on them."
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