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    The mergers and acquisitions of listed companies are hot, and there are 3 pharmaceutical companies in 1 day!

    • Last Update: 2023-01-06
    • Source: Internet
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    【Pharmaceutical Network Industry News】Recently, listed companies have been active
    in mergers and acquisitions.
    According to the statistics of the Oriental Wealth Network Data Center, on November 11, listed companies announced a total of 80 mergers and acquisitions, including many pharmaceutical companies, including Tailong Pharmaceutical, Hansen Pharmaceutical, *ST Jiyao, Kangzhong Medical, etc
    Among them, Tailong Pharmaceutical has attracted much attention, and 3 mergers and acquisitions and restructuring events occurred in the company within one day, of which 1 was a capital increase and 2 was foreign investment
    On November 11, Tailong Pharmaceutical issued an announcement on the capital increase of its wholly-owned subsidiary, which showed that in order to enhance the capital strength of Tailong Health, the company intends to increase the capital of Tailong Health by 220 million
    After the completion of this capital increase, the registered capital of Tailong Health increased from 160 million yuan to 190 million yuan, and it is still a wholly-owned subsidiary
    of the company.
    According to the announcement, Tailong Health is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company and a professional investment platform of the company, aiming to effectively connect the company's medium- and long-term strategic development strategy planning by investing in industrial funds in the direction of medicine and health, mining high-quality targets in the field of medicine and health, and accelerating the layout of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, so as to enhance the company's overall competitiveness and achieve capital appreciation
    。 Regarding the impact of this capital increase on the company, Tailong Pharmaceutical said that the company's capital increase to Tailong Health is conducive to enhancing its financial strength and capital operation ability, expanding investment methods and channels, and exploring new industrial cooperation opportunities and performance growth points for the company, which is in line with the company's strategic development needs
    This capital increase will not lead to a change in the scope of the company's consolidated statements, and there will be no harm
    to the interests of the company and shareholders.
    On the same day, Tailong Pharmaceutical issued an announcement on the participation of the company's wholly-owned subsidiary in the establishment of pharmaceutical industry funds and related party transactions, and the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Tailong Health intends to invest 10 million yuan to establish a new wholly-owned subsidiary Hangzhou Tailong Jintang Enterprise Management Co.
    , Ltd.
    (hereinafter referred to as "Tailong Jintang"), and Tailong Health, Tailong Jintang and the company's indirect controlling shareholders jointly invest in the establishment of Longhua Pharmaceutical Industry Fund, with the help of the capital advantages of indirect controlling shareholders and the resource advantages of its subordinate state-owned professional investment institutions, to build a fund of funds platform.
    Link market-oriented investment institutions and industrial resources, accelerate the company's industrial layout in the fields of biomedicine and general health, form synergy with the company's existing business, and enhance the company's core competitiveness
    。 The total scale of Longhua Pharmaceutical Industry Fund is 400 million yuan, of which the general partners (GP) are Zhengzhou High-tech Industry Investment Fund Co.
    , Ltd.
    and Hangzhou Tailong Jintang Enterprise Management Co.
    , Ltd.
    , both with capital contributions of 4 million yuan, with a capital contribution ratio of 1%, and limited partners (LPs) include Tailong Health Industry Investment Co.
    , Ltd.
    and Zhengzhou High-tech Industry Investment Group Co.
    , Ltd.
    , with capital contributions of 216 million yuan and 176 million yuan, respectively, with a capital contribution ratio of 54% and 44%
    According to the announcement, the transaction constitutes a connected transaction, but does not constitute a major asset restructuring
    as stipulated in the Administrative Measures for the Restructuring of Major Assets of Listed Companies.
    According to the data, the main business of Tailong Pharmaceutical is drug manufacturing and drug research and development services, including pharmaceutical preparations, Chinese medicine pieces, drug research and development services and pharmaceutical materials circulation
    。 According to the company's 2022 third quarter report, the company's main revenue in the first three quarters of this year was 1.
    297 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.
    05%; net profit attributable to the parent - 56.
    8783 million yuan, down 300.
    99% from the same period last year; Deduction of non-net profit - 45.
    7887 million yuan, down 253.
    41% from the same period last year Disclaimer: Under no circumstances does the information or opinions expressed in this article constitute investment advice
    to anyone.
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