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    The National Health Commission issued a document to check the results of the national mutual recognition era is coming!

    • Last Update: 2021-12-03
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    On November 26, in order to implement the "Guiding Opinions on Further Regulating Medical Behaviors to Promote Reasonable Medical Inspections", to promote the mutual recognition of inspection and inspection results of medical institutions, and to reduce the burden of medical treatment of the people, the National Health Commission's Medical Administration and Medical Administration organized a drafting "Administrative Measures for Mutual Recognition of Inspection Results of Medical Institutions (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)

    " The examination results in the draft for comments refer to the images or data obtained from the examination of the human body by means of ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, electrophysiology, nuclear medicine, etc.
    ; the examination results refer to the materials derived from the human body Carry out biology, microbiology, immunology, chemistry, blood immunology, hematology, biophysics, cytology and other tests to obtain data and information

    However, the inspection results do not include the diagnosis conclusion issued by the doctor

    Measures for the management of mutual recognition of inspection results are applicable to medical institutions at all levels and types

    In terms of powers, the draft for comments is clear, and the State Council's health authority is responsible for the management of mutual recognition of inspection results of medical institutions across the country

    The medical security department of the State Council promotes the mutual recognition and support of inspection results of medical institutions nationwide within the scope of their duties

    At the same time, in terms of the scope of mutual recognition, the draft said that it meets the national-level quality evaluation indicators and participates in the inspection and inspection projects that are qualified for the national-level quality evaluation

    scope of mutual recognition is nationwide .
    Meet the local quality evaluation indicators and participate in the inspection and inspection items for the quality evaluation of the local quality control organization.
    The scope of mutual recognition is the area corresponding to the quality control organization

    Where different regions have signed agreements to jointly carry out inspections and mutual recognition work, the relevant regional health authorities shall jointly establish or designate quality control organizations to carry out related work

    Those who participate in the relevant quality evaluation and are qualified, the scope of mutual recognition shall be the agreed area

    The medical institution and its medical staff shall mutually recognize the inspection and inspection results marked with the national or the region where the institution is located, without affecting the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

    The draft for comments pointed out that qualified medical institutions can open inspection and inspection outpatient clinics, where medical imaging and radiotherapy specialty or medical inspection and pathology specialty practitioners will visit and provide disease diagnosis services

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