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    The ophthalmic treatment track has attracted attention, and a large number of enterprises have been taking new actions recently

    • Last Update: 2022-11-26
    • Source: Internet
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    With the aging of the population, the increase in the number of myopia, and the significant improvement of national health awareness, eye health management has become an important part of
    the "Healthy China 2030" strategy.
    Benefiting from this, the scale of the ophthalmic medical market has begun to show a steady growth trend, and more and more companies have begun to accelerate their layout
    in this field.

    Not long ago, Carl Zeiss (Shanghai) Management Co.
    , Ltd.
    's new product "ZERISS ARTEVO 800 Ophthalmic Navigation Surgical Microscope" (hereinafter referred to as "ZEISS ARTEVO 800") was officially released and listed at
    this Expo.

    According to reports, ZEISS ARTEVO 800 is an ophthalmic navigation surgical microscope integrating digital optics, which has been approved for marketing
    by China's National Medical Products Administration.
    The device can significantly improve the resolution of surgical field images, and has color management and software image post-processing technology, allowing surgeons to perform eye surgery in high-definition image quality without the constraints of traditional eyepiece observation
    At the same time, ZEISS ARTEVO 800 also has an excellent depth of field, allowing surgeons to perform surgical operations in high-resolution and high-fidelity image quality, especially in micron-level macular surgery, giving surgeons more operating space

    On the afternoon of November 6th, ZEISS and Chengdu Puri Eye Hospital Co.
    , Ltd.
    have successfully held a cooperation signing ceremony at the Expo, and the two sides reached a cooperation
    agreement on five ZEISS ARTEVO 800 ophthalmic navigation surgical microscopes.

    Alcon also brought 38 innovative results at this Expo, including 14 innovative products
    It is worth mentioning that in addition to artificial tears in the dry eye syndrome product series, a physical therapy - Systane iLux® MGD treatment system
    has also appeared.
    The Systane iLux® MGD treatment system, like Johnson & Johnson's exhibitors, is a physical therapy
    for meibomian gland dysfunction.

    In addition, at this Expo, Aier Eye announced that it has reached a new strategic cooperation with many international medical brand enterprises such as Alcon, Zeiss, Johnson & Johnson Eye Health, and signed cooperation framework agreements respectively.

    Among them, Aier Ophthalmology and Johnson & Johnson Eye completed a contract to jointly promote the introduction and promotion
    of new ophthalmic technologies and products in the Chinese market.
    TECNIS Synergy's new generation EDOF continuous vision IOL, the world's first continuous visual path intraocular lens that provides 33cm near vision, will be the first to carry out "pilot pilot"
    in Boao Aier Eye Hospital.

    In addition to showcasing new products and announcing new collaborations, there are also ophthalmic companies that have recently "squeezed" into the track
    of listed ophthalmic companies.
    On November 7, the first day of landing on the capital market, Huaxia Ophthalmology rose more than 30%
    at midday.
    As a private medical chain group focusing on ophthalmic medical services, Huaxia Ophthalmology can provide various medical services
    such as diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic diseases to patients with ophthalmic diseases at home and abroad.
    At present, eight ophthalmic subspecialty departments covering cataract, refraction, fundus, strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology, ocular surface, glaucoma, orbital and eye tumor, ocular trauma and ophthalmic general medicine service system
    have been established.

    The industry believes that in the short term, although the ophthalmic market has fluctuated under the disruption of the epidemic, the growth resilience is still strong
    In the future, driven by the popularization of electronic products and the aging of the population, the domestic ophthalmic market will continue to grow, and the development space of the industry will become more and more broad
    At the same time, the enthusiasm for research and development of related enterprises will continue to rise, and the performance is expected to usher in a new wave of growth

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