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    The prospect of specialty coatings is very promising, "three" or become one of the key

    • Last Update: 2020-11-11
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    Special coatings refer to a variety of special-purpose coatings, refers to in addition to protective effects, these coatings also have certain special performance to meet the needs of the product design of the coating of special coatings, high temperature resistance is one of the specific applications of special coatings. It is the special needs of some products applied in special circumstances, promoting the development and development of special coatings, in some cases, the protective properties of special coatings are not its main use, new high temperature-resistant special coatings can change the process, improve production the modern scientific and technological progress, has developed with special special coatings, its unique properties make many products and equipment to give full play to the characteristics of the coating industry has become an indispensable new varieties

    . Special coatings have a wide variety of uses, is forming a large-scale high-tech industry group, has a very broad market prospects and extremely important strategic significance. All countries in the world attach great importance to the research and development and application of specialty coatings. The future market of specialty coatings will be concentrated in the middle and high-end market (of which the high-end market should also include the emerging specialty field paint market), whether it can meet the needs of the middle and high-end market can test the true strength of an coating enterprise. In addition, the high-end field of specialty coating products, high technical added value, has always been a lot of paint enterprises.
    the development direction of specialIn line with the requirements of the sustainable development of China's economic construction, the development of environmental protection, energy-saving, multi-functional high-quality special coatings have attracted much attention.Functionalization specialty coatings in the future the main direction of development is anti-fouling coatings, multi-spectrum compatible stealth coatings, high-temperature coatings and other functional coatings, functional architectural coatings in addition to the decorative role of coatings, but also can play a certain functional role. Low level of technology is still the industry's biggest problem, but also make the industry very passive. The rapid development of China's national economy, especially the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, has promoted the prosperity of the construction industry, the application of functional architectural coatings is becoming more and more common, and its effect is also increasing. It can be expected that with the quality of life more and more attention, functional architectural coatings will enhance the practicality of architectural coatings, broaden the scope of application of architectural coatings. Functional flooring coatings are the general name of a variety of special-purpose flooring coatings, in addition to protective effects, these coatings also have certain special functions to meet the design needs of the coated flooring. At present, functional floor coatings are mainly epoxy floor coatings, anti-static functional coatings, color wear-resistant coatings, anti-reinforcement corrosion coatings and water-based epoxy coatings. Color wear-resistant overall art floor is a popular in recent years in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, major developed countries, and has been rapidly promoted green ground decoration paving materials. Its birth fundamentally overcomes the traditional brick, stone laying ground common easy loose, uneven, gap grass, insect ant cave, easy dust, poor overall road surface, long construction cycle, need frequent maintenance and other shortcomings.environmental protection formaldehyde resin is widely used in a variety of building materials, such as plywood, insulation film and so on. Although local environmental regulations have strict regulations on formaldehyde emissions, but a small amount of formaldehyde can still be released from these building materials, causing irritation to people's eyes, throat, headaches and other health problems. To address formaldehyde emissions, some businesses are working on a coating that uses nanotechnology. The coating is based on the construction of a nano-sized "maze" consisting of several intelligent nanoplates with long and complex routes that make it difficult to excrete formaldehyde gas once it enters. In nature, wood and even apples release formaldehyde, and this coating technology reduces formaldehyde release in building materials to a level similar to that of nature. Experts pointed out that in the l0 years at the beginning of this century, architectural coatings are mainly towards high-performance, environmental protection, antibacterial functional direction. Among them, the development focus of interior wall coatings is to adapt to health, environmental protection, safety of green coatings, including water-based coating series, green and antibacterial inner wall latex paint and so on. In addition, imitation of dolphin and shark skin surface bionic anti-fouling coating, low surface energy fluorosilcone anti-fouling coating is currently developed hot spots and heat-sensitive coating can be very effective energy-saving, it is a thermal reflection material that can change with temperature changes. If the windows are thermally coated, heat can be reflected during the hot season and heat absorption in cold weather. Some energy-saving coatings also absorb energy during the day and release heat at night for power generation or heating. Some energy-saving coatings have been put into practical use, such as coil thermal coatings for steel roofs, which have entered the U.S. market, keeping buildings cool during the summer months, reducing air conditioning use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    According to a report, high temperature-resistant specialty coatings are the world's leading high-tech specialty coatings, a wide range of use, speciality and use of the effect are very good, directly or indirectly bring other products or process technology upgrades, coatings are also environmentally friendly energy-saving water-based coatings, will not bring any harm to the human body or the environment, I believe that such high-tech will be more rapid development, its prospects are very broad.
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