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    The reimbursement of drugs added in 187 provinces stopped after one month after being transferred out of the medical insurance catalog

    • Last Update: 2021-08-09
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    On June 30, the Jilin Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau and the Jilin Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security announced the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Province’s Basic Medical Insurance, Work Injury Insurance, and Maternity Insurance Drug List for the Province’s Digestion of Drugs in 2021".

    According to the "Notice", the second batch of 187 drugs will be transferred out of the Jilin Province Addition Drug List, which will be transferred out from 0:00 on August 1, 2021, and the reimbursement time will end at 24:00 on July 31, 2021

    The specific list is as follows, see if there are any varieties you are familiar with:

    The relevant requirements of Jilin Province are as follows:

    (1) Strictly implement work requirements

    The provincial increase in drug digestion is an important measure to standardize basic medical insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance drug catalogue adjustment rights and responsibilities, and to achieve unification of the scope of drug use.

    (2) Do a good job connection in an orderly manner

    For those who have been hospitalized before 24:00 on July 31, 2021 (only for hospitalization, excluding outpatient chronic diseases and special diseases) and have used the 187 drugs transferred above, the reimbursement time can be extended to the end of the current hospitalization (2021 Discharged after 0:00 on August 1)

    (3) Do a solid job in the policy linkage of drugs included in the national catalogue

    When the first batch of provincial increase drugs are digested in 2020, 40 drugs including dapagliflozin have been included in the national 2019 drug catalog (currently still in the national 2020 drug catalog) according to the transferred provincial increase catalog management, limited payment Specific requirements such as scope shall be implemented in accordance with national policies

    (4) Do a good job in updating and maintaining data in a timely manner

    The medical security, human resources and social security departments of all regions must actively promote and explain in policy implementation

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