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    The road to environmental development of new materials in Hailon Sai - Water-based solutions

    • Last Update: 2020-07-10
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    In accordance with the "13th Five-Year Plan" of the Ministry of Environmental Protection on the prevention and control of air pollution in key regions, the emissions of volatile organic solvents (VOCs) in coating products have become the focus areas of air pollution control, and the strict implementation of China's environmental protection policies has increased the environmental pressure on coating enterprisesHow to provide to meet customer needs of green anti-corrosion coatings, the construction of environmentally friendly coating factories, to reduce the emissions of VOCs and other kinds of paint waste, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, to protect the occupational health of workers, become the current coating suppliers must shoulder the responsibility and missionas a growing national brand - HyonSai energy new materials, after many years of painstaking research, successfully independent development of water-based coating system, as an alternative solution for solvent-based coatings, water as a solvent and thinner, to overcome the solvent-based paint toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive disadvantages, with non-toxic tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, easy to use, Saving resources and other characteristics, at present, The new materials of HailonSai energy have developed water-based epoxy-rich zinc, water-based epoxy, water-based acrylic acid, water-based polyurethane and other excellent performance of water-based anti-corrosion coating products, has been widely used in the field of industrial anti-corrosion, such as steel structures, plants, tanks, bridges and ships and other fieldsthe current application scenario
    1 marine applicationas the key market of heavy anti-corrosion coatings - environmental protection marine coatings must be water-based, solvent-free and high solid sizing product system developmentWater-based coatings are mainly used in the above-water surface, including the cabin, construction and empty cabins and other parts, as with traditional oil-based coatings, the need to provide low-seeding flame certificate and MED certificateAs a chamber finish coating, in accordance with the IMO 2010 FTP Rules (2010 International Fire Test Procedure Application Rules) related surface flammability requirements, obtained a classification society accreditation certificateHailong water-based coatings in the new shipbuilding project application case
    outer Takahashi new shipbuilding project
    from June 2018, Shanghai Hailong Saineng New Materials Co., Ltdand the domestic shipbuilding leader in the overseas Takahashi shipyard, together with the selection of its new 180,000 tons bulk carrier cabin and the construction area for the pilot application of water-based coatingsThe first project, which began in September 2018 and was completed in April 2019, experienced a six-month coating cycle, especially the four-month winter cryogenic storage, transportation and construction cycle, which was performed well and delivered smoothlySince then, Hailong has provided water-based product solutions for the three 180,000-ton and five 208,000-ton bulk carriers it has builtHailong water-based epoxy coating and water-based acrylic paint system (segmented and close construction)Chengxi shipyard new shipbuilding project
    thanks to customer recognition of Seamount water-based products, Hailong this year successfully connected Chengxi shipyard, for its construction of 2 90,000 tons of ocean-going bulk carriers to provide water-based product solutions (currently under construction project) the application of the industrial field
    up to now, China has a number of municipalities and provinces have successively introduced volatile organic VOCs sewage charges, and this environmental storm will become more and more intense For industrial anti-corrosion coatings, the increasingly fierce environmental storm is a double-edged sword, for solvent-based anti-corrosion coatings is a challenge, and for water-based anti-corrosion coatings is an opportunity water-based industrial coatings are mainly used in automobiles, railway vehicles, bridge pipes, steel structures, containers and other fields, in the industrial heavy anti-corrosion coating system, the main applications of water-based industrial anti-corrosion coatings are: water-based alcohol acid coating
    water-based epoxy zinc-rich primer water wash Epoxy coating
    water-based acrylic coating
    water-based polyurethane coating
    seamount water-based coating products in machinery, coal chemicalindustry, bridges, wind power and other industries where anti-corrosion and environmental protection have higher requirements to play the role of national water-based paint products pioneer the application of Hailong water-based coatings in the field of industrial heavy corrosion: Hailon's water-based paint products for a large-scale bridge project in China to provide coating programs, supporting product system with 15 domestic paint manufacturers to participate in testing and evaluation, after two overall evaluation of Hailun's water-based product system comprehensive evaluation results among the best on-site trial Chongqing Goose Gongyan Bridge project
    Hailon Saineng's green technology has always been committed to reducing the environmental impact of construction maintenance, to enhance the overall image of the city to contribute The Sino-Sha steel structure project in November 2019, Hailong provided a green coating program for the steel structure of Tianjin Sinsha Petrochemical Co., Ltd this year is the "13th Five-Year Plan" year, but also the next "14th Five-Year Plan" of the year of sailing, environmental protection has become the main theme of the development of the country and various industries China's paint market is about to usher in the "water into oil retreat" change, water-based paint with its safety and health, environmental value advantage will play an important role of green "makeup artist", water-based paint is in a once-in-a-lifetime strategic development opportunities As you can see, the water-based paint era is coming!
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