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    The roller dry granulator makes the cost of granulation significantly reduced

    • Last Update: 2022-10-20
    • Source: Internet
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    The dry granulation technology can be completed by the roller dry granulator, with a certain relative density of traditional Chinese medicine extract, after spray drying, dry extract powder
    can be obtained.
    After adding a certain auxiliary material, it can be pressed into thin flakes by a granulator and then crushed into granules
    The powder raw materials are directly made into granular products that meet customer requirements, without any intermediate links and additives
    After granulation, the finished particle size is uniform and the bulk density increases significantly; It not only controls dust pollution, but also reduces material waste; Improve the appearance and flow of materials; Reduced volume, easy storage and transportation; Solubility, porosity and specific surface area can be controlled
    Roller dry granulator is a granulation method developed after the second generation granulation method
    "one-step granulation".
    It is an environmentally friendly granulation process, energy-saving and pollution-free, no wetting agent, no granulation solvent, environmentally friendly; Saves drying process and energy; With the continuous development of new adhesives for dry granulation, the cost of dry granulation has dropped
    The whole dry granulator adopts imported stainless steel material, small size, easy to clean, and meets the requirements of
    By applying preload by compression molding, a good tablet with high density, uniform weight and no fragmentation can be obtained
    No wetting agents such as water or alcohol are required, avoiding instabilities
    in pellet production.
    The dry granulator saves the work procedure (wetting, kneading, dry bath) and is highly
    The principle of dry granulator is to directly press dry powder into thin flakes for crushing granulation
    Therefore, the dry granulation yield is directly related to the material formula, and the material output with good compressibility is high; In addition, it also has a lot to do with
    the strength of the tablet, the structure of the granulation tool and the crushing speed.
    The strength of the tablet is related to
    the size of the pressure and the speed of feeding and pressing.
    The feeding process is also a pre-pressing process and a degassing process
    If the air in the material is removed as much as possible, the material has a reserved zone, the tablet will not be interrupted, so that under other conditions, the yield will also increase
    The structure of the granulation knife will directly affect the output
    of granules.
    If the tablet is frequently crushed in the granulation box, the yield will also be reduced
    In addition, the slower the crushing speed, the higher
    the yield of the pellets.
    Generally speaking, the color of the material after dry granulation by roller type dry granulator will be different
    from the color of the original powder.
    Because the surface area of the powder is larger than that of the particles, the reflection of light will be different
    In addition, the bulk density of the pressed particles will be greater than that of the original powder, so the color of the particles will also deepen
    Generally speaking, the greater the pressure on the pressure wheel, the darker the color, and the pressure acting on the pressure wheel is not only the pressure of the oil pump, but also related
    to the feeding speed and pressing speed.
    When the pressure and pressing speed are fixed, the faster the feeding speed, the greater the pressure acting on the press wheel and vice versa
    Similarly, when the pressure and feed speed are fixed, the slower the press speed, the greater the pressure acting on the press wheel and vice versa
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