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    The survey shows that Shenyang residents' recognition of imported cold chain foods has declined, and domestic products in the fresh market are more popular

    • Last Update: 2022-01-09
    • Source: Internet
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    On January 25, the Shenyang City Market Supervision Department released the results of a recent survey on residents’ recognition of imported cold chain foods: 100% of the respondents did not continue to buy imported cold chain foods after discovering that imported cold chain foods had a source of infection of the new crown virus.
    Willingness, 97.
    89% of the interviewees believe that at this stage they should choose domestically produced meat and aquatic products


    Recently, the outer packaging samples of imported frozen cod, imported frozen deboned beef, imported frozen hairtail, and imported frozen beef from many parts of the country have tested positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid
    In this context, although the Spring Festival is approaching, imported cold chain foods are being ignored by consumers in Shenyang.
    Some companies are more cautious about the storage, purchase, and sales of imported frozen foods, and there is a phenomenon of replacing them with domestically produced fresh foods


    The change is not only in the direction of consumption, but also in the data of the warehousing, production, and operation companies that import fresh produce
    A person in charge of a cold chain logistics company in Shenyang told reporters, “Due to the impact of the epidemic, the daily warehousing of imported cold chain food has shown a significant downward trend, which is a decrease of nearly 50% compared to before the epidemic.
    At the same time, the country produces fresh food daily.
    The volume of warehouses in and out of warehouses has increased by nearly 30% compared to before the epidemic


    The survey shows that recently, the consumption of imported cold chain food and domestic cold chain food accounted for approximately 20% and 80%, respectively, and the proportion of imported cold chain food sales showed a gradual downward trend.
    Domestic cold chain food consumption accounted for December 2020.
    Since then, it has risen to about 86%, and the proportion of imported cold chain food consumption has dropped to about 13%


    In response to the price issue that the people are concerned about, according to the data on January 1, Shenyang’s agricultural and sideline product production and storage capabilities are relatively strong.
    Only three large slaughter companies such as Furun, Qianxihe, and Shuanghui have a daily slaughter of pigs.
    7600 heads

    The top ten cold storages such as Non-staple Food Group, Haijixing and Yurun have 97,000 tons of various frozen food stocks such as meat and aquatic products, including 36,000 tons of frozen meat such as pigs, cattle, sheep, and poultry, which can guarantee market supply


    According to the data analysis of the third week of price monitoring by the relevant departments of Shenyang City in the third week of January, under the premise of ensuring the stability of the market supply, the price will not fluctuate significantly, and stable operation can be achieved

    The Shenyang market supervision department stated that under the dual changes of consumer perceptions and market supply and demand, the demand and sales volume of imported frozen food have fallen sharply.
    Instead, the sales of “domestic products” have increased sharply, and the domestic fresh food industry is ushering in new developments.
    Development opportunities


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