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    The third batch of collection price competition is fierce, pharmaceutical circulation enterprises "pressure mountain"

    • Last Update: 2020-11-20
    • Source: Internet
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      "Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis" August 24, the third batch of centralized procurement of drugs officially announced the results of the election.
    This round of collection involves 56 varieties, 82 product regulations, amounting to 22.6 billion yuan, a total of 194 enterprises involved, involving more than 50 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises, a total of 354 varieties submitted quotations, resulting in 123 enterprises 191 varieties winning the bid.
    53 per cent on average for the 191 drug regulations to be selected, to a high of more than 95 per cent.
    The industry believes that the third batch of national collection prices fell significantly, basically continued the 4-7 belt procurement (average decline of 52%) and the second batch of belt procurement (average decline of 53%), overall price decline is gradually moving towards normalization.
    this will have a cost reduction, stable demand, help promote, promote research and development role.
    , due to the fierce competition in the current round of collection prices, procurement scale plummeted, pharmaceutical circulation enterprises are also facing great pressure.
    the Shanghai area as an example, it is understood that the third batch of state-owned shanghai area distribution rights are mainly on drugs and state control.
    , the Department of Medicine won the distribution qualification of 28 varieties, the purchase amount reached 1233.5 million yuan, the amount accounted for 61%.
    among the 28 varieties it distributes, it also includes the top 6 varieties of fumarate thiopental tablets, carpentamine, methylcobalamin, lacquo, Shequlin, and Tigrillo, the six third batch of countries that have agreed to purchase the amount in the first year.
    can be seen in its procurement variety, the purchase amount is huge.
    addition, the State Control Department won the distribution qualification of 25 varieties, the purchase amount is about 70.22 million yuan, the amount accounted for about 35%, with the two companies together accounted for about 96%.
    other remaining distributors include Mero Pharmaceuticals (1 variety metformin) and Kyusju Tong (1 variety of non-nastamine tablets).
    according to the reported amount, China National Pharmaceuticals, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, Kyusju Tong and Merro will undertake about 70 million yuan, 120 million yuan, 2.36 million yuan and 5.7 million yuan of drug distribution tasks, respectively.
    according to the China Pharmaceutical Business Association recently released the 2019 China's pharmaceutical circulation industry wholesale list of the top 100 enterprises.
    chinese medicine and medicine are the top two leading circulation enterprises, Kyusju Tong in the last three years also occupied the top five.
    with the implementation of the two-vote system in 2016-2017 and the strong implementation of drug collection, the concentration of the pharmaceutical circulation market continues to improve, some small and medium-sized distributors continue to fall in the ranking, the situation of the strong and strong has become a certainty.
    , with China National Pharmaceutical Holdings, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, China Resources Pharmaceuticals, Kyushua Tong 4 national leaders as the core, plus the local leader of the "4 plus X" pattern is being formed.
    in the industry' view, the current pharmaceutical circulation industry is still relatively serious.
    2019, there are more than 14,000 pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises and more than 520,000 pharmacies nationwide.
    , but with the advance of the third batch of collection, the normalization of collection began, drug prices have become an irreversible trend.
    this will also force the elimination of small and medium-sized circulation enterprises into a substantive stage.
    10,000 drug wholesalers will be eliminated under the reforms.
    , while more giants cross-border distribution of pharmaceutical circulation at the same time, traditional pharmaceutical circulation giants will also face fierce competition.
    background, some traditional medicine circulation giants are continuing to expand their scale by running horses.
    , for example, China National Pharmaceutical Holdings has been acquiring regional leading pharmaceutical circulation enterprises in recent years, and recently acquired all shares of large pharmaceutical circulation enterprises for 1.86 billion yuan.
    According to the announcement of China National Pharmaceutical Holdings, by the end of 2019, Cheng Dafang had 1507 stores in 19 cities in 5 provinces, covering key cities in Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Shandong and Hebei provinces, with retail chains, logistics and distribution in one, and the regional market concentration advantage was obvious.
    the end of 2019, Kyusju to invest in the layout of pharmaceutical logistics centers in the country also reached 135, including 31 provincial pharmaceutical logistics centers and 104 municipal distribution logistics centers.
    in the industry's view, the circulation sector will continue to intensify with the implementation of national mining.
    statistics show that the third batch of 55 varieties of corresponding procurement market size has shrunk by 86%, most of which will be from the intermediate link costs.
    also means that pharmaceutical circulation service providers in the business coverage of regional capacity and core competitiveness requirements are higher, a large number of small and medium-sized pharmaceutical circulation enterprises or face elimination.
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