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    The use range of sorbitol is adjusted Aquatic and fish and fish products can also be used

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    Not long ago, in response to the food additive sorbitol to expand the scope of use of the situation, the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center for the public to solicit comments and suggestions, the current collection of opinions has been completed, the adjusted scope of use and dosing will be implemented later. Among them, the use of sorbitol in frozen fish products was adjusted from the previous
    to be added "in moderant quantities as required by production".recently, the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center completed the collection of opinions on the proposed expansion of the scope of use of sorbitol, in the new scope of use and dosing requirements, the addition of a number of product categories, the use of some relaxed.Adjusted range of use of sorbitol, increased frozen aquatic products, frozen slurry products, pickled aquatic products and many other aquatic-related product categories, the use of production needs in moderation, frozen fish and fish products

    including fishballs
    in the use, also from the previous
    adjusted to the production needs of appropriate is understood that sorbitol has the role of water hold, mainly through its own polyhydroxy and food system water combination, to promote the food system to maintain water, while reducing the water activity of the food system. Sorbitol can be applied to food, can make food to maintain a certain amount of moisture, can prevent food dry cracking, aging, keep fresh, soft and color fragrance, prevent food in the shelf life of water loss and sugar, salt and other crystallization, but also to maintain the coordination and balance of sweet, sour, bitter flavor strength, enhance food flavor, improve food sensory quality.According to the frozen fish and fish industry veteran Gray introduced, sorbitol for fish and fish products have four major advantages: First, the fish play a diluted water preservation role, reduce moisture activity, easy to store fish
    , and fish moisture fully combined to increase the anti-freezing
    third, increase the flavor of food, reduce the sweetness of the product
    fourth, making amino acids and proteins unable to bind and reducing the Merad reaction., the limited use of sorbitol led to enterprises can only use white sugar instead, to play an anti-freezing effect. "After the standard change is more conducive to improve the resistance of fish and meat to freeze, increase water preservation, extend the storage period, food flavor will be greatly improved, better taste." At the same time, sorbitol is only half as sweet as sucrose and is more suitable for special groups such as diabetics. Note: The Merad reaction, also known as the "non-enzyme browning reaction", is a non-enzyme browning that is widely found in the food industry and is a carbide-based compound
    reduced sugar
    Reactions between the amino compounds
    amino acids and proteins
    , after a complex process, eventually produce brown or even black large molecular substances such as melanin, or anthropomorphic, so also known as pyrethrin reaction.
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