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    There is no doubt that domestic refined oil products will be raised this round on Friday. Gasoline may rise by 1 cent per liter

    • Last Update: 2022-02-19
    • Source: Internet
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    Since entering this round of pricing cycle, many oil-producing countries have promised to cut their supply.
    In addition, the decline in US crude oil inventories and production last week has consolidated the market.
    Coupled with the continued weakening of the US dollar, there have been many positives.
    International crude oil has continued to rise strongly, and both Break through $50/barrel
    Although prior to this, the expected increase in OPEC crude oil supply in July suppressed the market, and according to agency investigations, OPEC crude oil production rose to a new high in the year in July.
    In addition, US crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased, the market's concerns about oversupply increased, and international oil prices significantly increased.
    But overall, international oil prices have recently risen to a relatively high level
    ? During the current pricing cycle, the positive range of the reference crude oil change rate continued to widen
    According to Jinlianchuang’s calculations, as of the eighth working day of August 2, the average price of reference crude oil was US$49.
    28/barrel, and the rate of change was 5.
    The corresponding retail price of gasoline and diesel should be increased by about 150 yuan/ton.
    This round of price adjustments The window is at 24:00 on August 4th
    ? Crude oil continued to rise strongly, and the domestic market was on the rise
    ? Although the domestic weather is mainly hot and rainy, and the "environmental protection" storm is sweeping the country, the start of construction and infrastructure and other outdoor oil companies are limited, and the demand for diesel is sluggish; the demand for gasoline has increased slightly, but it is suppressed by alternative energy sources and the pressure of excess supply of resources Unabated
    However, the recent strong trend of international crude oil has significantly boosted the market
    The prices of main operations and local refining have continued to rise, and the overall domestic gasoline and diesel market has also increased significantly .
    Under the "buy up" mentality, businesses have entered the market to purchase more, and market transactions have improved compared with the previous period
    As of August 2, the average domestic gasoline price was 5,963 yuan/ton, an increase of 121 yuan/ton from July 21, and the average diesel price was 5370 yuan/ton, an increase of 211 yuan/ton from July 21; The average price of refined gasoline was 5,441 yuan/ton, an increase of 196 yuan/ton from July 21, and the average price of diesel was 4951 yuan/ton, an increase of 132 yuan/ton from July 21
    ? The wholesale market for gasoline and diesel has risen significantly, and the price gap between wholesale and retail has continued to narrow
    ? The wholesale price of gasoline and diesel for major and local refineries continues to rise, but the pressure of oversupply in the gasoline market remains unabated, so the upward trend has been suppressed to a certain extent, and the wholesale and retail price difference has not fallen much
    As of August 2, the theoretical wholesale and retail price difference of domestic main gasoline was about 1960 yuan/ton, down 42 yuan/ton from July 21, and the theoretical wholesale and retail price difference of diesel was about 1112 yuan/ton, down 136 yuan/ton from July 21.
    ; The price difference between local gasoline batch and retail is about 2483 yuan/ton, down 117 yuan/ton from July 21, and the price difference between diesel batch and retail is about 1531 yuan/ton, down 57 yuan/ton from July 21
    Recently, the domestic gasoline and diesel batch zero price gap has narrowed, but it still maintains a relatively high level, and gas stations still maintain preferential treatment
    However, in the near future, domestic gas stations have concentrated on renovating double-deck oil tanks, and the competitive pressure on the retail side has weakened, and the incentives may be narrowed
    Looking at the market outlook: There are only two working days left before this round of price adjustment window.
    International crude oil may maintain interval consolidation.
    Therefore, the fluctuation range of the rate of change may be limited.
    There is no suspense about this round of increase.
    It is expected that the increase of gasoline and diesel will be about 150-170.
    Yuan/ton, which is equivalent to the price increase of 0# 0.
    15 yuan/liter, and 90# gasoline 0.
    12 yuan/liter
    The upward adjustment is expected to boost the market, and it is expected that the domestic automobile and diesel market will remain volatile at a high level
    However, the industry actively stocked up in the early stage, and the current inventory has risen to a high level.
    As the price adjustment window is approaching, more companies withdraw from the market and eliminate the inventory, and market transactions continue to weaken
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