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    These drugs will be "prescription outflow" and another province will start pilot projects!

    • Last Update: 2021-06-10
    • Source: Internet
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    With the advancement of Internet + medical health, the outflow of prescriptions has become an unstoppable trend.
    One of the obvious measures is that provinces and cities have successively begun to build prescription circulation and supervision platforms.

    A few days ago, Hunan Province also announced the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Work Plan for Prescription Circulation and Supervision in Hunan Province (Trial)", which initiated the construction of a unified prescription circulation and supervision platform across the province.
    The notice shows that the pilot hospitals include the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University.
    , Hunan Provincial Tumor Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Changsha Central Hospital, Changsha First Hospital, Changsha Third Hospital and Shimen County People's Hospital.

    The purpose of the provincial prescription circulation and supervision platform is to realize the circulation of prescription data in various medical institutions, and carry out hospital prescription extension (including hospital HIS system, Internet medical service system, etc.
    ), intelligent online review of prescriptions, chronic disease renewal, rational drug use monitoring, etc.
    , To realize the online supervision of prescription circulation by the provincial, municipal, and county health administrative departments.

    For patients, in this way, they can choose to purchase medicines at medical institutions or retail pharmacies by themselves with electronic prescriptions for common diseases and chronic diseases issued by the hospital, after being reviewed by a pharmacist.

    Simply put, the provincial prescription circulation and supervision platform is equivalent to an intermediary, connecting the hospital system and retail pharmacies and other external systems to complete the circulation of prescriptions between the two.
    The prescription service system established on this basis will connect the patient end , Physicians, pharmacies and management.

    The Hunan Provincial Health Commission requires relevant medical institutions to complete the interface upgrade and transformation of the institution's HIS system as required, complete the docking with the prescription circulation and supervision platform, and realize the functions of real-time upload of prescription information and electronic signature and certification of physicians and pharmacists.

    For retail pharmacies, access conditions and exit mechanisms are also provided.
    Retail pharmacies have completed the upgrading of information systems and actively connected to the supervision platform to achieve real-time prescription information reception, online prescription review, and drug inventory management functions.

    Specifically, retail pharmacies must have the basic conditions for the prescription sharing platform to instantly upload drug codes, prices and other information stored in each store, provide drugs that match the prescriptions circulating in the hospital, and have the conditions for prescription review and guidance for rational use of drugs, and so on.

    Any unit or individual shall not violate the regulations.
    For example, according to the document, the retail pharmacies who violate the regulations shall bear corresponding legal responsibilities and be disqualified for participation.
    At the same time, they shall not apply for two years.

    ▌ Which drugs will be out of prescription?

    ▌ Which drugs will be out of prescription?

    According to the notice of the Hunan Provincial Health Commission, the pilot hospitals should clarify the list of drugs that can be extended and update them in time.
    The drugs should be mainly oral or topical preparations for chronic diseases and common diseases, injections (except for self-use insulin needles), psychotropic drugs, and narcotic drugs.
    , Toxic drugs for medical use, radioactive drugs, and other drugs with high risk of medication or drugs that require special management are not included in the scope of prescription circulation.

    According to the "Hunan Provincial Prescription Circulation and Supervision Platform Medical Institution Interface Access Specification", doctors with prescription rights enter the system, and after checking the circulation box, the searched drugs are all drugs that are allowed to circulate in the hospital, and the prescription information issued is only transmitted To the prescription circulation and supervision platform.

    After the patient takes the medicine outside the hospital, the platform will call the interface to return the medicine withdrawal status to the hospital in real time.

    The development of medical informatization is the core element to promote the reform of prescriptions.
    This Friday (June 4), the State Council issued the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the High-quality Development of Public Hospitals" (State Council Fa [2021] No.
    18) , Requires the promotion of the high-quality development of public hospitals.
    Among them, it is proposed in the "Strengthening the Supporting Role of Informationization" to "establish a drug traceability system and explore the interconnection of prescription information and drug retail consumption information in public hospitals.

    The hospital market has always been the largest sales terminal for pharmaceutical companies.
    This situation is now changing a little bit.
    With the establishment of a new prescription platform, through information sharing, the two major services of hospitals "diagnosis and treatment" and "pharmaceuticals" are further separated.
    The positioning of the hospital It is more a provider of diagnosis and treatment services than a seller of medicines.

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