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    This pharmaceutical company raised US$120 million to develop innovative treatments for diabetes

    • Last Update: 2022-01-10
    • Source: Internet
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    Diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar clinically.
    It is a metabolic disorder caused by insufficient insulin secretion or insulin dysfunction, accompanied by severe renal failure, blindness, diabetic foot, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

    In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the number of diabetic patients in China has been increasing, and it has begun to show an increasingly obvious trend of younger age

    In this context, it has become very important to strengthen the innovative research and development of diabetes-related drugs

    For a long time, the main method of diabetes treatment has been insulin injection and blood glucose monitoring

    However, traditional insulin supplementation cannot achieve basic treatment, and the control of diabetes complications is also insufficient.
    Therefore, in recent years, many pharmaceutical companies have begun to accelerate the development of innovative diabetes therapies

    Recently, Shanghai Yinnuo Pharmaceutical Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    (hereinafter referred to as “Yinnuo Pharmaceutical”) has completed 120 million U.
    dollars in Series A financing, led by Youshan Capital and Huachuang Capital.
    V Star Capital (V Star Capital), Langmafeng Venture Capital, Deyi Capital, Everbright Holdings, Xiaochi Capital, Guokejiahe, and Pudong Investment Holdings followed in the investment

    It is reported that this round of financing will be used for the global phase 3 clinical trials of suparutide, the promotion of multiple potential "first-in-class" pipeline products, and the construction of cGMP production bases

    According to data, Yinnuo Pharmaceutical was established in 2015.
    It is an international pharmaceutical R&D and production company focusing on the R&D and industrialization of biological drugs for diabetes and metabolic diseases

    At present, the company has a technology platform for the production and production of biopharmaceutical genetic engineering recombinant protein technology, and has a number of new drugs and new technologies for the treatment of diabetes and metabolic diseases with global intellectual property rights

    It is worth mentioning that the first product of Yinnuo Medicine is an innovative diabetes drug-Suparutide (long-acting human GLP-1), which is currently undergoing clinical Phase 3 research.
    It is a domestically owned person with independent intellectual property rights.
    Long-acting GLP-1 receptor agonist

    According to reports, different from general hypoglycemic drugs, Suparutide injection is characterized by: it can not only promote the secretion of insulin, but also promote the regeneration of β cells and improve the quality of β cells.
    It is a strategy for treating diabetes specimens

    In addition, Suparutide injection also has good human homology and clinical applicability, and its safety window is large and effective, and it has the cost advantage of localized production

    The industry believes that this financing will quickly advance the clinical trials of Suparutide, and will also help the expansion of Yinnuo's medical team and accelerate the advancement of more innovative pipeline projects for diabetes and metabolic diseases

    At present, there are more than 130 million people with diabetes in China, and the number of patients is among the highest in the world.
    It is a major country with diabetes in the world

    Due to changes in life>
    In the face of such a huge market demand, the industry believes that as a new generation of human-derived, long-acting GLP-1 receptor agonist, Suparutide is expected to become China’s first domestically-made human-derived long-acting GLP-1 drug, making it more and more Patients with multiple diabetes can obtain safer, better clinical effects, and cost-effective new innovative drugs for diabetes and metabolic diseases

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