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    This pharmaceutical company will use 717 million to develop innovative drugs!

    • Last Update: 2022-01-26
    • Source: Internet
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    With the continuous advancement of policies such as "4+7" volume procurement, two-invoice system, and consistency evaluation, the pharmaceutical market structure is facing major changes
    In this context, more and more powerful pharmaceutical companies have begun to accelerate their investment in the layout of innovative drug research and development, and in order to increase innovation momentum, investment in innovative drugs has also begun to increase

    Recently, two listed companies have successively disclosed that Tonghua Dongbao intends to transfer 20.
    35 million unrestricted tradable shares of Tebao Bio through agreement transfer

    The transfer price is 22.
    608 yuan per share, which is a 20% discount compared to the closing price of Tebao Bio’s secondary market on the day of the announcement, and the corresponding total transaction price is about 460 million yuan

    Regarding the purpose of transferring part of the equity of Tebao Bio, Tonghua Dongbao stated that it is mainly to withdraw funds, concentrate its efforts on the development of innovative pharmaceutical companies, and provide financial support for Tonghua Dongbao to deploy innovative drugs

    This is not the first time that Tonghua Dongbao has transferred equity.
    In fact, Tonghua Dongbao has been gradually reducing its shareholding in Tebao Bio in the past six months.
    A total of 10.
    84 million shares of Tebao Bio were reduced through block transactions twice a month

    Including this equity transfer, Tonghua Dongbao will cash out a total of 717 million yuan

    It is understood that the equity cooperation between Tonghua Dongbao and Tebao Bio has a long history

    According to public information, in 2000, Tebao Co.
    , Ltd.
    carried out a share reform, and Tonghua Dongbao, as one of the sponsor shareholders, held a capital contribution of 19.
    895 million yuan in Tebao Biology, with a shareholding ratio of 42.

    Since then, after multiple equity adjustments, as well as the initial public offering of new shares of Tebao Bio in early 2020 and its listing on the Sci-tech Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Tonghua Dongbao holds 122 million shares of Tebao Bio after listing, accounting for 30.
    06% of the latter's total share capital

    At present, Tonghua Dongbao is still its main shareholder, although it has transferred its equity many times

    It is worth noting that, from an overall point of view, Tonghua Dongbao has reduced its holdings many times in order to realize the investment income and withdraw funds to support the development of innovative drugs

    As far as I know, Tonghua Dongbao has been increasing its R&D investment in recent years.

    In the first three quarters of last year, the company's R&D expenses reached 118 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44.

    At present, under the continuous innovation, Tonghua Dongbao's main business has covered biological products, Chinese patent medicines, and chemical medicines

    Among them, the development of diabetes drugs is particularly prominent

    It is understood that Tonghua Dongbao successfully developed China's first recombinant human insulin - "Gansulin" in 1998, making China the third country in the world to be able to produce recombinant human insulin after the United States and Denmark, and has changed China's Recombinant human insulin has long relied on foreign imports.
    In addition, under the background of focusing on the research and development and production of diabetes drugs for more than 20 years, the company's current research and development pipeline in the field of diabetes treatment has covered the second, third and fourth generations.
    Insulin also involves medical devices such as oral hypoglycemic drugs, insulin needles and blood sugar test strips, and has formed a multi-faceted layout around the field of diabetes

    The industry expects that in the future, with Tonghua Dongbao's continuous investment in research and development, it will accelerate its transformation into an innovative pharmaceutical company, and it will also usher in a harvest period in many drug fields

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