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Three major trends lead the paint industry product restructuring.

  • Last Update: 2020-09-27
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: With the industrial and civil demand for
continues to expand, China's paint production will further increase in 2015. Although China's paint industry production is growing steadily, but the quality is not even more rhythmic, but also faced with a reduction in fixed investment, raw material price fluctuations, with the international
coating brand
competitive advantage is not obvious and other adverse situation. In order to reverse this situation, the state has carried out the restructuring of related industries to encourage the production of environment-friendly and resource-saving coatings. It is expected that in the next few years, China's paint industry and paint product structure will be adjusted along the following three major trends:
environmental protection has become the mainstream of development at this stage, energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon environmental protection more and more attention by the government and the public. As a solvent-based coating with serious VOC emissions, the first solution is pollution. The development of environmental protection products will become the mainstream of the development of the coating industry, solvent-based coatings environmental protection road has become imperative.
production of solvent-free, water-based coatings is an important way to reduce environmental pollution and achieve environmental friendliness. The coating industry will comprehensively promote the water-based paint, increase the share of high solid alcoholic acid coatings by 20%, and implement international conventions, promote environmental protection, prohibit the production and use of solvent-based chlorinated rubber, prohibit the use of anti-fouling coatings containing DDT, TBT, etc.
present, the country is vigorously developing electric power, petrochemical, coal chemical and petroleum reserves and other industries, high-performance stealth, insulation, anti-fouling, electrostation and ultra-high temperature and other special functional coatings in increasing demand. The demand for heavy anti-corrosion coatings and specialty coatings in marine, aviation, military and other fields is also increasing rapidly, and functional coatings such as water-based insulation insulation coatings, ultra-high temperature anti-corrosion coatings, petroleum storage tanks and electrostitive coatings have great potential for growth. In addition, the functionalization of civil building materials coatings is also gradually promoted, with the elimination of formaldehyde, thermal insulation, fire flame retardant, sound-absorbing noise reduction, improve sleep and other functions of environmental protection coatings favored by consumers.
will be the future development trend of China's paint industry, its demand is very obvious, the market prospects are very broad, the state encourages the industry to innovate independently, vigorously research and development of functional coatings.
addition to the long-lasting demand for industrial coatings, the long-lasting demand for civil coatings is becoming more prominent. Paint as one of the commonly used building materials for home decoration, the use of a longer period of time, has the need for long-term protection. At this stage of research and development and production of new environmental protection diatom mud coating is one of the key products of long-term protection, in addition to absorbing decomposition of formaldehyde, purification of indoor air and other environmentally friendly, functional features, long-term protection is also a bright spot. Among them, water-based diatom mud coating optimal, its coating protection effect can reach more than 20 years, painted indoors, environmental protection effect is obvious, long-lasting protection of home life health.
Environmental protection, functionalization, long-lasting will be the development of China's paint industry three mainstream trends, the paint industry will continue to improve the environmental standards, product quality standards, promote industry restructuring and industrial upgrading, improve innovation ability, the production of high-performance, high-quality environmental protection coatings.
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