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    To create "hard power" through innovation, Mengniu Yasley launched the M8 children's growth formula

    • Last Update: 2021-01-22
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    January 12, Mengniu Yasley held the first session of the Science Spike Dialogue - Blue Sofa N-TALK in Guangzhou.

    experts and scholars in the field of nutrition and health and Mengniu Yashili senior officials were invited to attend, focusing on the whole life cycle of milk powder nutrition research to conduct in-depth discussions, and jointly promote the development of China's nutritional health industry. at the

    meeting, Zhang Peace, director of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Dairy Biotechnology and Engineering of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University and a special professor of Changjiang Scholars, shared the cooperative practice with Mengniu in the development of independent intellectual property strains, and detailed the breast milk-sourced probiotic probiotics developed jointly by Mengniu United Inner Mongolia Agricultural University and other scientific research institutions- breast-milk Bifido-Probio-M8. Meanwhile, Mengniu M8 Child Growth Formula, based on the results of this research and development, also made its debut at the conference.

    In addition to showcasing the latest achievements of Mengniu Yashili in children's formula, Zhu Huilian, head of the Department of Nutrition at Sun Yat-sen University School of Public Health and executive director of the Chinese Nutrition Society, also explained the nutritional health status and improvement of China's elderly population, and recognized Mengniu Yashili's scientific research strength and contribution in the field of nutritional health, which sparked heated discussion among participants.

    (Image: Blue Sofa N-TALK Live)

    Independent intellectual property research and development to achieve a new breakthrough, leading to new heights of childhood immunity

    Research shows that 3-6 years of age is a golden period for the development of children's brain and height, but because children are still in the developmental stage, the autoimmune system is not strong enough, so it is prone to immune decline.

    , Zhang said, "The gut is the largest immune system in the body, and promoting children's intestinal health plays an important role in improving children's immunity."

    focuses on improving the national intestinal health of Mengniu Yashili, to create "independent research and development and shareholder empowerment and internal and external union" of a full range of three-dimensional research and development strategy, with the industry, academia in probiotics and other research areas to cooperate. Through layer-by-layer testing of 1956 strains, Mengniu and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University and other scientific research institutions successfully developed the milk Bifido-M8, in the independent intellectual property rights of the strain research and development ushered in a new breakthrough.

    For the advent of Bifido-M8, Zhang affirmed that

    Cum Bifido-M8 is a strain isolated from healthy breast milk and is an active microorganism beneficial to the human body." We have conducted a number of clinical studies on probio-M8 for children, with numerous experimental data, and found that Pylobacter probio-M8 has a regulatory effect on children's nutrition and gut bacterios, helping to improve intestinal health, promote nutrient absorption, and enhance immunity.

    (Figure: Zhang Peace, Director of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Dairy Biotechnology and Engineering, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University and Special Professor of Changjiang Scholars)

    At present, Mengniu Yashili has successfully applied this achievement to products, and has innovatively developed Mengniu M8 Children's Growth Formula. It is reported that the product will be launched in January this year.

    " Mengniu M8 children's growth formula according to the nutritional needs of Chinese children carefully developed, is the world's first addition of breast milk source probiotics children's formula, belongs to the industry leader, will lead children's immunization to a new height. Mengniu Yasley's leader said.

    (Figure: Mengniu M8 Child Growth Formula)

    Develop diverse functional dairy products to help the healthy life of middle-aged and elderly

    With the aging of the population, under the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, the health of the elderly as a virus susceptibility and high-risk groups, its health has become a hot spot of general concern in all sectors of society. At the

    meeting, Zhu Huilian said, "With age, the immune function of the elderly gradually decreased, the demand for high-quality protein, calcium and other nutrients increased, in addition to the daily balanced diet, but also can add some additional nutrients to enhance immunity."

    (Photo: Zhu Huilian, Dean, Professor, Doctoral Mentor, Executive Director, Department of Nutrition, School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University)

    Based on the physical and nutritional needs of middle-aged and elderly people, Mengniu Yashili has developed a variety of functional dairy products, Launched the domestic adult milk powder in the high-end brand - Mengniu Yurui, including Yurui bone Yi, Yu Rui Shunyi, Yu Ruiyi Tian, Yu rui rich selenium high calcium sheep milk powder and many other products, to scientific formula to help middle-aged and elderly groups enjoy a healthy life.

    " osteoporosis is a common symptom in middle-aged and old age, yurui bone should be specifically developed for the elderly bone problems, containing corolla alkaline protein, milk mineral salts and other nutrients, can provide rich calcium, the elderly bone health is of great benefit. Ms Zhu said.

    now, Mengniu Yashili in the full life cycle nutrition and health research has accumulated a strong "hard strength", according to different stages of nutrition needs, the successful development of products covering all ages, leading to national nutrition and health upgrade.

    Mengniu Yasley will always drive product upgrades with consistent high quality and continuous innovation, according to

    Mengniu Yasley. Adhering to the original intention of protecting national health and shouldering the responsibility of promoting national nutrition, Mengniu Yashili will continue to pool high-quality resources around the world to provide consumers with high-quality products and services to contribute to the promotion of healthy China.

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