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    To help Yangxi Industrial Park to achieve high-speed development - the national condiments ten industrial base Yangxi base work smoothly carried out

    • Last Update: 2021-01-05
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    In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the prosperity of the consumer goods market, china's condiment industry has developed rapidly, emerging a large number of brand enterprises and well-known products, through industrial integration, off-location expansion and mergers and acquisitions, the initial formation of a regional characteristics of the condiment industry cluster.
    played an important role in expanding employment, stabilizing the economy and promoting consumption in the local economic and social development.
    2020, the China Condiment Association proposed to establish the top ten industrial bases for condiments nationwide, providing a model guide for the investigation and research, industrial integration, brand mergers and acquisitions, market analysis and industry management of the national condiment industry.
    the work has been carried out, local governments and industrial bases have been active, hoping to use the association platform to have greater influence in the industry, attract more brand enterprises to stay, and promote the long-term development of industrial bases and local economies.
    , the development of Yangxi Industrial Base has come out of its own characteristic road.
    brand enterprises have paid attention to the development of Yangxi industrial base has made progress in August 2020, the secretariat of the China Condiment Association went to Yangxi, Guangdong to investigate the development of condiment industry.
    visit strengthened the information exchange between the Association and local governments, and deepened the understanding of local brand enterprises and upstream and downstream industries.
    2020, the 2020 China Soy Sauce and Flavored Sauce Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum was held in Yangxi.
    Yangxi Industrial Base with the help of the Association platform to show the industry the local investment advantages and long-term planning, to attract brand enterprises have paid attention to and expressed their intention to stay, but also most enterprises to learn more about the industrial base, in order to do long-term planning. during the
    , Haitian Taste Industry, Li Jinji, Mrs. Le, Lotus Health, Shandong Luhua, Yili Group, Vivi Foods, Gaga Foods, Heinz, Hengshun Vinegar Industry, Yantai Xinhe, Angie Yeast, Zhejiang Salt Group, Chiyu Taste Industry, Qingdao Day, Zilin vinegar industry, Sichuan New Hope, Tiantian food, Heshan ancient, Ji Xianggu, Unilever and other enterprises have arrived in Yangxi, understand Yangxi's investment policy, visited Zhongshan Torch (Yangxi) industrial transfer industrial park, and with the industrial base responsible for team docking, with a view to achieving more cooperation.
    the government to provide excellent business environment to help Yangxi industrial base to develop Yangxi industrial base to quickly open up the market, with many brand enterprises to establish contacts, with the local county committee and county government's attention and excellent business environment is closely related.
    In contact with many brands, Yangjiang Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Yangxi County Party Secretary Sun Bo introduced Yangxi's rich resource advantages and unique regional advantages, said Yangxi will be the greatest sincerity to welcome major brands to discuss cooperation, and put forward "review the situation, grasp the general trend;
    "Industry Association Platform to Promote the Rapid Transformation and Development of Industrial Base Association proposed the establishment of ten industrial bases, that is, to promote industrial parks in China's future regional economic and industrial development to play an important role in the demonstration and guidance, the effective promotion of this work will further implement the Association put forward at the beginning of the concept of building an integrated service platform, with local governments and industrial parks to achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results, promote enterprise efficiency, to promote regional economic development to provide new momentum."
    In the future, I will, as always, uphold the training, pay attention to the needs of the industry and enterprises, build a platform for communication, resource docking, empowerment industry, and actively promote the construction and development of various industrial bases, in order to drive the rapid and steady development of the national condiment industry.
    next, the Association will also focus on the study of Suping, Leling, Qingxu, Pingdou, Luxian County, Cebu and other more mature industrial bases, to promote the development of the condiment industry, for the development of China's economic development.
    Zhongshan Torch (Yangxi) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park Introduction Zhongshan Torch (Yangxi) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park by the Yangxi County People's Government and Zhongshan Torch High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, is one of the first to obtain the provincial industrial transfer industrial park identified as one of the three parks.
    Park planning total land area of 11,000 mu, take the government cooperation, enterprise mode of operation, adhere to the concept of high starting point planning, high standards of construction, phased development and construction, to green food, fragrance and spices, products processing, kitchen and sanitation appliances as the leading industry.
    , the park is expected to have an annual industrial output value of 30 billion yuan and provide 80,000 jobs.
    signed a formal contract between the two governments in February 2005, laid the foundation in March of the same year, and started construction in May.
    present, Yangxi Park has completed the first phase of 1500 mu and the second phase of 3150 mu of development, a cumulative investment in infrastructure funds of 1.59 billion yuan, the region's high efficiency to achieve "ten-way one flat", water, access Electricity, access, sewage, rainwater, telephone, telecommunications fiber optics, natural gas, steam, exhaust gas collection and other supporting infrastructure in place, the process reached the domestic first-class level of sewage treatment plant was completed and put into operation in 2012.
    2017, a total of 95 projects have been introduced, with a total investment of more than 15 billion yuan.
    2016, The value added of enterprise industry in Yangxi Park was 3,019 million yuan, creating 230 million yuan in tax revenue.
    park has basically formed an industrial cluster and benign rolling development and operation pattern, showing good economic and social benefits.
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