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    To protect the health of Chinese families, Merck Gehuazhi XR and Kangxin are both on the list of "Chinese Family Standing Medicines"

    • Last Update: 2022-01-10
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    Family stock medicine is the first line of defense to protect family health
    On December 23, the 2020-2021 “China Family Standing Medicine Listed Brand” was announced

    Merck's classic hypoglycemic drug Govazhi® XR (metformin hydrochloride sustained-release tablets) and cardiovascular therapy drug Kangxin® (bisoprolol fumarate tablets) stood out from 109 common pharmaceutical products in 28 categories.
    , Were selected into the Chinese Family Standing Diabetes Drug Brand List and the Chinese Family Standing Cardio-cerebrovascular Drug Brand List


    The 2020-2021 “China Family Standing Medicine Listed Brands” selection is jointly sponsored by Family Doctor Online and the new-generation market monitoring agency.
    It adheres to the principle of “scientific, professional, and open” and is based on big data from authoritative organizations and the latest survey data.
    Combining the in-depth analysis of industry experts and the voting results of the majority of netizens, a comprehensive and reasonable reference list has been formed to help Chinese families improve their family medicine cabinets and build the first line of defense to protect their health


    Classics come from quality, high-quality original research protects patients' lives and health

    Merck’s classic hypoglycemic drug, Gehuazhi®, as the original product of metformin, has more than 60 years of clinical experience worldwide and has been on the market for more than 25 years in China.
    Metformin is the first-line recommended by major domestic and foreign authoritative guidelines for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes.
    The drug of choice is one of the most widely used oral hypoglycemic drugs in the world

    The Glyvazil® XR selected this time is a sustained-release formulation of Glyvazide.
    Thanks to its innovative slow-release technology, it not only achieves once-a-day medication, but also reduces gastrointestinal discomfort for patients, and effectively improves patient compliance.
    Help patients better manage disease and life


    Diabetes affects more than 460 million people worldwide and is a major global public issue
    China is the country with the largest number of diabetic patients, with a total number of nearly 120 million

    If diabetes cannot be controlled at an early stage, it can easily lead to serious consequences including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and even cancer, and cause a heavy burden on patients, families and society as a whole

    Ling Yu, Marketing Director of Cardiovascular and Metabolism Business of Merck China Medical Health, said that as a patient-centered global leading provider of medical and health solutions that has been deeply involved in the field of diabetes treatment for more than 60 years, Merck’s goal is to pass high-quality drugs and Innovative solutions to help the prevention and treatment of diabetes, a major public health problem, help more and more Chinese patients with diabetes and its ocular complications receive effective and sustainable treatment, benefiting the majority of patients and their families


    Merck’s other classic cardiovascular treatment drug, Kangxin®, on the list, has been a highly selective β1 blocker that has been clinically used for 35 years and has benefited 114 countries suffering from hypertension and coronary heart disease.
    (Angina) and patients with chronic stable heart failure

    "Merck has been promoting in the cardiovascular field in China for more than 25 years.
    We serve nearly 1.
    2 million patients with cardiovascular disease every year through high-quality original research drugs, and have won the trust of patients and doctors

    " Mr.
    Ling Yu introduced, "For giving Chinese patients provide more treatment options and better disease management services.
    Merck has launched a new upgraded 30-piece retail package of Kangxin® to reduce drug withdrawal caused by patients not buying in time and improve patient compliance with treatment


    Focus on unmet medical needs and continue to increase innovation in chronic disease management

    The "Report on the Status of Nutrition and Chronic Diseases of Chinese Residents (2020)" shows that the health awareness of Chinese residents is gradually increasing, and the premature mortality rate of major chronic diseases is decreasing year by year, but the base of chronic diseases in China is still expanding, and the prevention and control of chronic diseases is still facing huge challenges
    In the field of chronic disease drugs, China still has a large number of unmet medical needs


    In this regard, Mr.
    Ling Yu said that in the face of the needs of patients and the changes in the way of purchasing drugs, Merck is not only bringing more treatment options to patients with chronic diseases, but also constantly exploring its advantages in primary hospitals and retail markets.
    The sunken coverage ensures the market accessibility of Merck's drugs

    In addition, the company is also actively exploring digital public education, patient support and marketing platforms, and cooperates with domestic Internet hospitals and e-commerce platforms to expand the depth and breadth of services and coverage

    "We will continue to adhere to "patient-centered", classic products as the starting point, digital technology as the basis, and innovation and cooperation as the orientation, to contribute our wisdom and strength to the realization of the goal of "Healthy China" for the prevention and control of chronic diseases !"

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