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    [Tu Xuehui Science] How to color paint gray?

    • Last Update: 2021-05-31
    • Source: Internet
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    Many products in daily life are coated with colorful paints, so how are paints of various colors formulated? What about the gray paint formula? This article will give you a brief introduction to paint toning skills.
    Those who are interested in color management, come and have a look!
    How to color paint gray? Gray paint can generally be blended through white and black.

    First of all, according to the amount of the one-time deployment, the second manual deployment will have a certain color difference from the first deployment.

    For light gray, the proportion of white is more than that of black.
    Therefore, use white paint as the main material, and then put black in it bit by bit until it meets the required position.

    Dark gray can be blended with white, black and red.
    On the basis of light gray, red is gradually added.
    Every time you must reduce the specific depth of gray you need, you can add or subtract between black and white.
    If it feels too monotonous, A very small amount of red/blue or yellow can be added to adjust the shade of gray.

    Paint color formula formula: in theory, paint color can be adjusted through the three primary colors of red, green and blue, but in the actual paint color mixing process, red, yellow and blue are used as the three primary colors, and then based on the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue.
    Add them in pairs to produce orange, green, and purple.
    These three primary colors plus three intermediate colors total six colors.

    Then mix the two adjacent colors equally to get the intermediate color of the adjacent two colors, so that a total of 12 hues are produced, forming a 12 hue circle, if you add black and white to adjust the brightness and purity, theoretically You can call up any color.

    After constant manual paint toning experiments, some colorists have summed up the following paint coloring formula: red + yellow = orange, less yellow and more red to dark orange, less red and more yellow to light yellow red + blue = purple, Less blue and more red to purple and more red to rose Red yellow + blue = green, less yellow and more blue to dark blue, less blue and more yellow to light green red + yellow + a small amount of blue = brown, red + yellow + blue = Gray-black (various shades of color can be adjusted according to the weight) Red + blue = purple, then add white to light purple yellow + less red = dark yellow, add white to earth yellow, yellow add blue to green add White becomes milky green; red + yellow + less blue + white = light brown, red + yellow + blue = gray black, plus more white to light gray; red + blue = purple, plus red and white to pink and purple (rose ); Special note: The above paint tinting formula is for reference only, and the actual tinting formula shall prevail.

    Paint toning skills: After we have determined the paint toning formula, we need to carefully deploy it in strict accordance with the requirements of the formula.

    Generally, the sample is tested first, the dosage of different paints in the paint tinting formula is initially determined, and then the large sample is configured according to the result of the sample.

    When toning, first add the main color (a color with a large amount in the color matching and a color with a small tinting power), and then slowly add the dark color (or color matching) with a large dyeing ability, and constantly stir, observe the color Variety.

    "From shallow to deep", especially when adding pigments with strong tinting power, avoid excessive amounts.

    In the color matching, there will be slight differences in the color of the paint and the dried coating film.

    The color of various paints is generally lighter when the film is wet, and the color becomes darker when the paint dries.

    Therefore, if the sample is a dry sample, the color paint needs to wait for it to dry before performing color measurement and comparison.

    When comparing the samples, it should be noted that the special person is responsible for the test under the same light, or the test is carried out in a standard light source box.

    When the paint is toned and matched, try not to choose more than three kinds of paints.
    The paints of the same nature should be selected for mutual mixing.
    The solvent system should also be mutually soluble, otherwise the quality of the paint will be affected due to the poor miscibility of the paint, or even occur.
    It cannot be used due to delamination, precipitation or gelation.

    The fastest way to color paint: Manually mix the paint.
    Although you can mix a large number of spot color paints at one time, it requires a very high level of experience for the color master, and it is adjusted through the continuous size and color toning experiment.
    The spot colors may not be accurate enough.

    Therefore, how to allocate paint accurately and quickly is a problem that every paint manufacturer needs to face.

    Now, there is a way to accurately generate paint color formulas and control the quality of spot color paint generation.
    This is the computer color measurement and color matching system.

    Using advanced optical detection equipment to obtain the data parameters of the basic paint colorant, and then measure the optical information of the standard sample through the instrument, you can match the basic colorant in the database to quickly and accurately generate the paint color formula.
    In this way The efficiency and accuracy of paint color matching are higher.
    Therefore, in industrially developed countries, color-related industries such as paint, coatings, textile, printing, injection molding, ink and other industries generally use computer color measurement and color matching systems.

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