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    Two men and a woman have been sentenced for selling counterfeit brand putty powder in Maoming.

    • Last Update: 2020-09-24
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    days ago, the Maonan District Court of a case of counterfeit registered trademarks made a first-instance judgment, in the southern suburbs of Maoming City to open an undocumented factory, the production and sale of various counterfeit brands of putty powder Zhang and Gao, was sentenced by the court to eight months and seven months in prison for the crime of counterfeit registered trademarks. After 90, the woman Zhang is a person from Lancao County, Henan Province, in July 2013, Zhang a certain husband Zhou a certain (other case handling) in the Maonan Development Zone, Dafatang village east opened an undocumented factory, the production and sale of various counterfeit brands of putty powder. In August 2014, Zhang came to Maoming to manage the production of putty powder factory, in February 2014, Zhang a younger brother under the age of 18 Zhang will (another case processing) came to Maoming to assist his brother-in-law, sister management factory, October 27, 2014, from Duan City, Guizhou Province, Gao and his wife Tan, son Gao a certain (two people deal with another case) to work in the above-mentioned greasy factory powder. On the afternoon of December 10, 2014, the public security police investigated the above-mentioned factory at the eastern junction of Dafatang Village in Maonan Development Zone according to reports from the masses, and arrested Zhang, Gao, Zhang, Gao, Tan and other 5 people who were engaged in putty powder business activities. In the factory site seized a large number of tools, raw materials and putty powder finished products, after inventory, raw materials including double fly powder, cement, calcium ash, such as a total of 1100 bags, cellulose 15 bags and finished counterfeit putty powder 635 bags, counterfeit brands including Carrie , giraffes, lotus, nature, red apples, home beauty, Jiabao, Mei Wang, Christie's, good home and other 16 brands, the finished putty powder per pack specifications are 15 kg to 20 kg, the price range from 10 to 12 yuan. According to statistics Gao's production record book, between October 27 and December 10, 2014, the factory produced and sold a total of 4,564 packs of putty powder from counterfeit Carrie, Libang, Dolezal and other brands, with a total value of about 45,640 yuan. After sampling identification, the putty powder involved in the case is in line with the JG/T298-2010 "building indoor putty" standard requirements. The court heard that Zhang, Gao and others without the permission of the registered trademark owner, in the same commodity to use the same trademark as its registered trademark, the production and sale of counterfeit putty powder a total value of about 45,640 yuan, serious circumstances, the acts of both of them have constituted the crime of counterfeit registered trademarks, the two of them should be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention in accordance with the law, and a penalty or a single penalty within the sentencing range. In the joint crime of counterfeit registered trademarks, the defendant Zhang is responsible for the management of putty powder factory, play the main role, is the main offender, should be punished according to all the crimes in which he participates; Zhang, Gao after the case can truthfully confess all their criminal facts, confess guilt, according to law can be his two people from light punishment. Accordingly, the court at first instance convicted Zhang and Gao of the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks, sentenced Zhang to eight months' imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 yuan;
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