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    UBCO's research proves that it's worth it to spend money on a weight loss program

    • Last Update: 2022-09-14
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    A new study from UBC Okanagan University suggests it's time to turn to professionals for those trying to improve their health and lose weight through their own efforts


    "Given the obesity epidemic, there is a need for viable and effective treatment options to manage obesity and its comorbidities, including heart disease and prediabetes

    However, she noted that few commercial projects have been rigorously evaluated, and it is difficult for doctors to recommend patients to for-profit projects

    While there are hundreds of commercial weight loss options on the market — only six meet U.

    There are even fewer programs that integrate cognitive, emotional, and behavioral factors— factors that are seen as key elements of care and supported as the basic standard

    As a result, she said, doctors are reluctant to recommend patients to commercial projects

    Clinical practice guidelines published by the Canadian Medical Association in 2020 state that obesity care should be based on evidence-based chronic disease management and must validate patients' life experiences

    "Essentially, obesity care needs to go beyond the simplistic approach of 'eating less and moving more,'" she says


    These DIY participants were offered common weight loss methods, including strategies, diet tracking, self-monitoring apps, diet plans, and physical activity, and then basically let them operate

    Participants in business projects are encouraged to attend weekly workshops that include a private weight assessment that discusses successful approaches, problem solving, and topics

    "One of the features of the commercial projects used in this study is that self-monitoring is simplified to reduce the burden," Dr.

    At 3 and 12 months, both groups of participants were assessed

    Both groups of patients had secondary benefits, including improvements


    She also noted that the study provides a tool
    for care providers and policymakers who view obesity as a serious health problem.

    "This information can help me spread the word about one of the many ways they can support patients in our province to improve their health and well-being
    ," she said.
    "Maybe our leaders could consider funding commercial weight loss programs
    that have proven effective.
    " This can be an important step in helping to achieve much-needed improvements in health outcomes

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