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    Under multiple benefits, the pharmaceutical sector in the future market may usher in an inflection point!

    • Last Update: 2022-11-11
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    【Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis】Recently, the pharmaceutical sector has rebounded significantly, and the net value of pharmaceutical theme funds has also risen
    Flush iFinD data shows that as of November 7, the 155 statistically available (A/C shares are calculated separately) pharmaceutical industry theme funds have increased by an average of 10.
    76% in the past month, and the 114 statistically (A/C shares are calculated separately) healthy life theme funds have increased by an average of 9.
    91% in the past month, far exceeding other industry theme funds
    Although most pharmaceutical-themed funds still benefited negatively from the perspective of benefits during the year, with the introduction of favorable policies, the industry believes that the pharmaceutical sector may usher in an inflection point
    in the aftermarket.
    On October 27, the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the Development of Chinese Medicine Talents was released, which clearly strengthened the training and construction of Chinese medicine talents during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period to further promote the revitalization and development
    of Chinese medicine.
    On the evening of October 13, the draft of the centralized procurement plan for liver function biochemical reagents led by Jiangxi was released, and from the perspective of grouping rules and winning rules, it was more moderate
    than the previous centralized procurement of high-value consumables.
    In September this year, the National Health Insurance Administration released an important signal in a reply that innovative medical devices would not be included in centralized procurement; On October 12, the National Medical Insurance Administration issued a letter on the reply to the proposal, once again clarifying that innovative medical devices will not be collected
    for the time being.
    In order to promote the innovation and iteration of medical equipment in hospitals at all levels across the country, the National Health Commission recently issued the "Notice of the National Health Commission to Carry out Financial Subsidized Loans to Modernize Medical Equipment", which intends to use financial subsidized loans to help the renewal
    of equipment and equipment.
    At present, the policy has been rapidly implemented in various places, and according to the relevant statistics of securities institutions, the amount of loan contracts publicly disclosed in various places has exceeded 30 billion yuan
    during the November period.
    Industry insiders believe that pharmaceutical companies are gradually getting out of the impact of the normalization of centralized procurement and price reduction, coupled with the continuous marginal recovery of policies, the expectation of future pharmaceutical growth will be repaired
    Looking forward to the future market, Huaxia Fund believes that with the steady growth of medical insurance expenditure, the recovery of innovative drug policies and the rationalization of centralized procurement policies, the marginal changes in the industry have changed
    The current valuation of the pharmaceutical sector is at the bottom of history, or it will usher in an inflection point due to multiple positive expectations, and it is optimistic about the resonance market that may be brought about by the rebound in the third quarterly report and the valuation switch
    E Fund also expressed that with the marginal improvement of the centralized procurement environment and the recovery of the performance of the third quarter, the sector has risen
    At the same time, the recent important report emphasizes the development of medical and health-related fields: "promote the construction of a healthy China and put the protection of people's health in a strategic position of priority development", further driving the hot market of
    the pharmaceutical sector.
    While the A-share pharmaceutical sector is rising, the valuation recovery of Hong Kong stocks has ushered in a highly flexible market
    As the valuation discount of Hong Kong stocks is generally compared with A-shares, the pharmaceutical sector as a whole is gradually showing a marginal upward trend, and the valuation of Hong Kong stocks is expected to be further repaired
    The analysis believes that from the perspective of the future medium and long-term allocation value of the pharmaceutical sector, the logic has been very clear
    On the one hand, under the aging of the population, the demand for medicine will continue to expand; On the other hand, the pharmaceutical sector is also a sector that benefits from consumption upgrades, and medical services, medical cosmetology, vaccines, etc.
    in sub-sectors have growth opportunities
    In addition, domestic substitution is also a good opportunity, especially in the field of high-end medical devices and innovative drugs, which is worth tapping
    Disclaimer: Under no circumstances does the information or opinions expressed in this article constitute investment advice
    to anyone.
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