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    Under the normal conditions of the epidemic, these humble raw materials will give birth to the next "king of immunity"?

    • Last Update: 2021-02-10
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    the functional food market has been growing in recent years, especially as outbreaks have normalized, with
    75 percent of
    consumers worldwide saying they would prefer healthy foods. In addition, according to the latest data from
    Fior Markets

    , a market consultancy, the global functional raw materials market is expected to grow from $
    billion in2019 to $
    billion by 2027
    , with an annual growth rate of
    .through this particular period, more and more people are spending more time and focusing on their personal health, which will not change in the future. How to meet the new demands of immune health has become a favorable new growth point.for businesses, this means paying more attention to the functional components that enhance immunity and exploring more diverse ingredients.becoming the "king of immunity" in the world, from fermented foods that are good for gut health to
    anti-inflammatory ingredients? Here, we summarize the six most popular immune-enhancing functional ingredients on the market today.1
    , honeyPhoto Source:
    GoogleIn recent years, honey has become popular with consumers for its natural source, healthy sugar substitutes, and more. At the same time, honey can completely replace sucrose to make bread, grains and other baked goods, even more soft and delicate than the flavor of honey production has declined, but honey consumption is increasing. Taking China as an example, data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that China's honey production in

    million tons, basically the same as
    's honey production in
    2018.of honey is closely related to its origin and variety, and it is particularly important to prove that honey variety and its special health attributes are proved by experiments. Honey with certain special effects has a higher added value. Manuka honey from New Zealand, for example, can sell for about $
    because it contains unique monomethic active factors and can also be used for medicinal properties of wounds and sores.honey can be made separately into an immune-boosting product. U.S. brand
    specializes in a product for children that uses
    % natural propolis king pulp and raw honey, designed for children over
    years of age, to protect children from bacterial and viral infections. Among them, bee king pulp can improve body function, improve cardiovascular health, improve human immunity. Propolis helps reduce the risk of cancer and improves intestinal health, digestion and immunity.Photo Source:
    GoogleHoney is also a favorite in functional food and drink. Add natural ingredients to beverages,
    products, with other raw materials to claim immunity and other functions.2
    , GingerImage Source:
    GoogleIn the past, we used to find traces of ginger in holiday cookie gingerbread people, but now it's also found in drinks, beer, candy, flavored tea and even cocktails, and ginger is slowly being applied to a variety of food categories.ginger has the characteristics of helping digestion, anti-spitting and anti-inflammatory. At the same time, it also meets the consumer's requirements for natural cleaning label products for flavor. statistics show that ginger production has been increasing globally.

    2017, the world's total ginger production reached
    3 million
    tons, up from
    1.72 million
    seven years ago. With a healthy halo, a growing number of food and beverage companies have used ginger in many timed products. Global ginger market sales will reach US$
    8 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of
    % between

    2017 and
    . new U.S. brand revolves around ginger cutting into the food and beverage circuit.
    uses real ginger in its beer, confectionery, snack and other product ranges to create product specificity and enhance health attributes. Ready-to-drink ginger alcoholic beverages, pictured:
    Norman Snyder
    , chief executive of Reed's

    , says the proportion of repeat customers who produce ginger beer and light beer increased month by month from march
    . This suggests that during the pandemic, consumers began to pay more attention to healthy eating. Reed's
    is very confident about the popularity of ginger in the food and beverage sector, and says that "turmeric is destined to be an important part of functional foods of the future, and if a food company is not ready to respond quickly to its customer base, it is destined to be out of touch with this trend". 3
    , turmeric Photo Source:
    Google turmeric has a long history of being used as a herb in India. The golden spice is said to come from the roots of turmeric plants and is rich in curcuculin, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. recently, turmeric has been very hot in the U.S. market. Turmeric sales reported to have exceeded
    32 million in
    2017, an increase of
    % over the previous year and maintaining high growth. By now, it is the highest-selling herbal ingredient in natural products. As more attention is paid to its health benefits, it remains to be seen whether turmeric will be useful in the Chinese market. Doroth Gardens
    , a pre-treated freeze-dried herbal brand, decided
    to launch
    -dried turmeric in

    Kimberly Cassar
    , executive vice president of the business unit at

    Doroth Gardens, said it was a good time to launch new products as more consumers began to buy health-beneficial products in the face of new crown pneumonia in the United States. Photo Source:
    Google Cassar
    expressed her love for turmeric, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps the immune system. It is a good antioxidant. This turmeric powder can be used as a food ingredient for consumers to prepare meals. how chinese herbal ingredients like turmeric can open up market acceptance in China's food and beverage sector requires more thought in product innovation. 4
    , Citrus Photo Source:
    Google has grown significantly in global demand for citrus fruits.
    , retail sales of orange juice jumped to their highest level
    2015. C in citrus fruits can help
    immune system. Among citrus fruits, especially oranges and grapefruits,
    highest levels. A glass of orange juice is enough to meet a person's needs for
    C. , it is understood that during the outbreak in the United States, fruit juice sales increased significantly, especially orange juice.
    Sales of orange juice increased by about
    % in the last week of March
    , and then by the first week of
    , by
    %, orange juice sales had grown by nearly
    % overall. Photo Source: The sharp increase in sales of traditional juices like also provides inspiration, and in special times it may not only be traditional juices, but also a functional beverage, but has some added value, and the traditional impression that fruit and vegetable juice will be associated with
    , which may also provide a new opportunity for this category. 5
    , Mushrooms Photo Source:
    Google Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber and are popular for their immune-boosting properties. in fact, mushroom cultivation is a very large industry, the annual output value of up to one billion dollars. Many snack companies are eager to use this functional ingredient widely in a variety of featured snacks. NUDE Mushroom Chocolate Bars Body
    Adds Reishi Mushrooms to Dark Chocolate, rich in natural antioxidants that help boost immunity, balance hormones, reduce inflammation, improve vital organ function, and help relieve depression. 6
    , fermented food Photo Source:
    Google kimchi, yogurt and other fermented foods are popular around the world, more and more consumers are beginning to take an interest in fermented food. Data show that in
    alone, consumption of fermented food increased by
    . Fermented foods have become increasingly popular in recent years, and the outbreak of the new crown outbreak is expected to further this trend. we all know that gut bacteria are closely related to our health, especially during an outbreak. Patients who are unfortunate longer infected with the new coronavirus but have milder symptoms have a healthier gut ecosystem, according to a survey from China. The evidence has made protecting gut health a growing focus of the diet, and fermented foods have gained more attention. The outbreak of the new crown raises new awareness of the importance of the immune system, such as mushrooms, citrus and other common ingredients, and there is ample evidence that they can take immunity to the next level, leading consumers to eat more in their lives and providing a new perspective on product development.
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