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    Under the tide of acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry, leading companies are accelerating their integration

    • Last Update: 2022-08-15
    • Source: Internet
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    [Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis] In the context of increasingly fierce competition in the pharmaceutical industry, a large number of companies are accelerating the enrichment of product lines and expanding other businesses through acquisitions to enhance their competitivene.
    It is understood that a large number of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies have announced acquisitions since the beginning of this year, and many of them are worth more than 100 million yu.
     Under the wave of acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry, leading companies are accelerating their integration (Source: Pharmaceutical Network) For example, on July 14, Merck and Orion announced that the two parties had reached a global R&D cooperation agreement to jointly develop Orion's investigational therapy ODM-208 And other drugs that target cytochrome P450 11A1 (CYP11A1), an important enzyme in steroid synthes.
    It is understood that ODM-208 is a CYP11A1-specific oral non-steroidal inhibitor discovered and developed by Orion for the treatment of hormone-dependent cancers, such as prostate canc.
    On July 7, it was reported that Merck & .
    is in advanced talks to acquire Seagen, intending to finalize the acquisition of the cancer biotech company in the next few weeks to help it expand its cancer drug busine.
    The deal could be worth about $40 billion or mo.
    On July 5, AstraZeneca said it would acquire TeneoTwo for up to $27 billion to strengthen its blood disease cancer pipeli.
    The company will pay an upfront payment of $100 million after the deal clos.
    Depending on the achievement of R&D milestones, up to $805 million will be paid in the futu.
    In addition, based on business-related milestones, additional payments of up to $360 million may be paid to TeneoTwo shareholde.

    Industry analysts believe that the industry will be realized through investment, acquisition, e.
    Chain extension or product line expansion has become the norm in the pharmaceutical fie.
    With the rising tide of mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry, the industry expects that the pace of development and growth of a large number of pharmaceutical companies will accelerate in the future, and at the same time, it will also contribute to the continuous growth of new drug varieti.
    It is worth noting that, in addition to pharmaceutical companies, there are not a few companies that expand their product lines and enhance their competitiveness in the field of pharmaceutical equipment through "buy, buy, bu.
    Taking Canaan Technology as an example, he said in a survey not long ago that the company has successively carried out some acquisitions in recent years, mainly focusing on the main business; At present, the company can provide professional, customized, integrated and intelligent solid preparation intelligent factory complete line equipment and supporting process design solutions for pharmaceutical enterpris.
    In the future, the company will continue to focus on the main business layout, among which the pharmaceutical liquid dispensing system, intelligent logistics system and pharmaceutical research and development services of biological innovative drugs will be its key development are.
    In addition, Truking Technology announced on July 10 that the company plans to issue shares to purchase a total of 49% of the shares held by Ye Dajin and Ye Tiantian, minority shareholders of the company's holding subsidiary, Truking Feiyun Pharmaceutical Equipment (Changsha) .
    After the transaction is completed, Truking Feiyun will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the compa.
    According to the data, Truking Feiyun’s main business is the sale of automatic hard capsule filling machines, high-purity nitrogen generators for medicinal purposes and other products and equipme.
    It is understood that the acquisition will help Chutian Technology to expand its product series; at the same time, it will further strengthen the company's competitiveness in the field of pharmaceutical equipment, and the layout of multiple industrial chains will enhance the ability to resist risks and sustainable developme.
    It can be seen from the above that under the influence of high risk of innovation and R&D and large capital needs, more and more traditional large enterprises are relying on external forces to achieve their own further developme.
    In this regard, industry analysts believe that in the long run, as the industry matures, this trend of mergers and acquisitions is expected to continue in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industri.
    Disclaimer: Under no circumstances does the information or opinions expressed in this article constitute investment advice to anyo.
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