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    Up to 80% cut in price 493 hospital supplies negotiations are coming

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Medicine Network June 12 - Nanjing Alliance continues to act.
    12 regional coalition, continue to negotiate for a single enterprise June 9, according to the Nanjing Municipal Health Insurance Bureau official micro-news, Nanjing, Huai'an, Taizhou medical supplies centralized procurement alliance (referred to as "Nanjing Alliance") to expand the scope of the alliance, Anqing, Zhangzhou, Hefei, Huangshan, Maanshan, Copper Tomb, Wuhu, Xuancheng, Zhenjiang and other 9 cities to join, Nanjing Alliance expanded to 12 cities.
    Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau officials slightly show that in 2020, the Nanjing Alliance will carry out multi-form alliance procurement: 1, to carry out product-led band procurement, effectively reduce prices, share procurement results.
    2, to carry out a single enterprise product overall band procurement.
    3, to carry out the lowest price negotiations on medical supplies, collect the same medical supplies national minimum price, in the Alliance cities to implement dynamic price adjustment.
    4, to carry out the alliance procurement price-sharing negotiations, organize production and supply enterprises to carry out results-sharing negotiations, expand the benefits of alliance procurement results.
    Nanjing Medical Security Bureau Director Yan Renchang said that after the expansion of the Alliance, committed to the alliance to become the backbone of the domestic influential medical supplies region centralized procurement platform.
    The new alliance will rely on 12 city medical institutions medical supplies procurement volume, for consumables enterprises to reduce prices, will adhere to the variety with volume procurement-oriented, a variety of ways coexist, improve the classification of centralized procurement methods, to ensure that member units participate in and share results.
    It is understood that the 12 cities of Nanjing Alliance has a resident population of 50.8 million people, a total of 493 medical institutions, including 115 third-level medical institutions, 378 second-level medical institutions, supplies up to 80% price reduction According to Cypress blue equipment statistics, 2019 Nanjing Alliance completed a total of 4 rounds of negotiations, the highest price reduction of 80%, including three rounds of negotiations for a large area of enterprise products.
    Nanjing Alliance first round, the maximum price reduction of 80%: According to the Nanjing Municipal Health Insurance Bureau, august 16, 2019, Nanjing, Taizhou, Huai'an three cities union began the first supply belt negotiationsSpecifically related to implantable drug supply device (infusion port), pre-charged catheter rinder, precision infusion, closed retention needles and other 4 categories of 14 standard supplies, a total of 323 models.
    After the negotiations, the maximum price reduction of consumables was 80.39 percent, the lowest price was 51.67 percent, and the average decline in the three cities was 72.61 percent (of which Nanjing dropped 75.14 percent).
    Nanjing Union second round, for an arms enterprise negotiations: According to Xinhua Daily, on September 26, 2019, representatives of the hospital procurement alliance in Nanjing and Huai'an were officially invited to negotiate with the first production and supply enterprises, prompting a one-time reduction of more than 200 consumables at the same time by 25%.
    Nanjing Alliance third round, an arms enterprise all products price reduction: According to the Nanjing Health Insurance Bureau, October 30, 2019 Nanjing Alliance completed the third round of supplies negotiations, the price of the highest reduction of 83.86 percent, of which: after the negotiations, the average reduction of the central venous catheter by 70.82 percent;
    In addition, the Nanjing Alliance also for an arms company all products for the overall negotiations, the final overall decline of 30%.
    Nanjing Union fourth round, continue to negotiate against an arms company: According to the Modern Express, on November 29, 2019, Nanjing, Taizhou, Huai'an Hospital Alliance again for an arms company's products, packaging negotiations.
    Finally, the national well-known orthopaedic supplies cut 24%, the price of 33%, cardiosurgery supplies 33%, the average reduction of all products 30%, is expected to save about 50 million yuan a year for Nanjing, Taizhou, Huai'an three places.
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