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    Upstart BTK inhibitor sells at least $11 billion globally in 2021

    • Last Update: 2022-05-28
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    TextCai Cai

    In today's new drug rivers and lakes, BTK inhibitor drugs, as a member of chemical drugs, have made a dawn in the battlefield where biological drugs shine

    Under the influence of many factors such as large indications, large market potential, and the market is not crowded, BTK inhibitors have naturally become the favorite of major pharmaceutical giants

    At present, there are 5 BTK inhibitors approved for marketing globally

    Ibrutinib is the first approved BTK inhibitor and has been approved for the treatment of various blood diseases, autoimmune-related diseases such as stem cell transplantation, immune resistance after transplantation, and arthritis

    Globally Approved BTK Inhibitors

    (Source: CITIC Securities Research)

    Sales of major BTK inhibitors have continued to grow since their launch

    Ibrutinib sales rose from $1.

    In 2020, the total global sales of BTK inhibitors has exceeded 10 billion US dollars.

    According to Frost & Sullivan's sub-report, in the future, with the increase in the number of patients and the approval of new indications, the global BTK inhibitor market will grow rapidly, and the market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.

    (Data source: annual reports of each company, tirabrutinib sales in 2021 are the data from listing to March 2021)

    At present, many domestic pharmaceutical companies are also deploying BTK inhibitors

    At present, the three BTK inhibitors that have been marketed in China only cover the two hematological indications of CLL/SLL and MCL

    Domestic BTK inhibitors in Phase II or above clinical trials

    (Source: CITIC Securities Research)

    Reference: Biotech rookies, high-growth tumor and autoimmune innovative drug companies

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