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    Vaccines are not on the market, which one is the door to make an appointment?

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    Sales or clinical trials? Last night, a new coronatising vaccine's immune survey went off.
    , of course, is slightly inferior to the article on sharing stockings by Shanghai's famous crowdfunding.
    according to the questionnaire, this is a well-known company in China's project.
    of course, I code, but also to take into account a point, as of the end of my writing, the official website of the company did not have any relevant information.
    so the authenticity of the investigation incident to be verified, the hat can not be buckled.
    and the media also said that the enterprise phone is too busy to get through.
    , so, let's just leave room for doubt about the event.
    , as such a large enterprise, surrounded by such a large propaganda battle, whether true or false, enterprises should make a statement.
    like us as a listed company, if there's a good news in the media, I have to respond to the truth.
    also avoid passive harm, but also avoid passive false information.
    especially in this, "he didn't respond, it should be the default" in the social evaluation mechanism.
    so, I'll be your default first.
    , let's look at the contents of this questionnaire, is it a common form of questionnaire? What is a market survey? Personally feel that should be the enterprise in order to know the direction of their own products, a view of the public inquiry.
    in order to ensure statistical significance, so the age, education, occupation, income, etc. to make comments.
    and one more thing, in order to ensure fairness and authenticity, some questionnaires are the same mobile phone number or the same ID can only be filled in once.
    , this so-called questionnaire is not the case at all.
    you can fill it over and over again without affecting it.
    look at the information you fill out, not so much a survey as an appointment.
    second, are you on the market for vaccines? Can I make an appointment directly? According to the information found so far, the vaccine is still in clinical trials.
    a vaccine that doesn't end, open an appointment? Can you guarantee that the test results will meet expectations? Or is there something else under control? Open appointments to sell this kind of thing, in other industries this is not a thing.
    such as your family million mu watermelon harvest in sight, a week before picking melons, posted a notice, "Come on, eat melons ah!" "It's nothing, if the melon suddenly encountered special circumstances can not pick, can also understand, because at least your early speculation is reasonable."
    even when picking melons, watermelons are not cooked well, at best, the taste is not good.
    will not cause any other harm.
    and the public has the ability to recognize good and bad.
    but clinical trials can also get stuck in a time period, is it possible? Can this kind of clinical trial still pack the ticket? It's not realistic! Even if an hour after the clinical trial is over, wait another observation cycle.
    and the general public have no ability to tell the difference between good and bad, which is not an order of magnitude at all, as is the risk level of eating melons.
    so, in the clinical trial stage open reservation sales, say no to the past ah! Your appointment is more like a recruitment of clinical trial volunteers than a sales practice.
    the original intention of making a name for itself is understandable, and the contribution it has made to calming the outbreak is obvious to all, but it would be better to be cautious if it involves sales.
    especially when clinical trials are not yet over.
    vaccine is different from ordinary consumer goods, its risk can not be completely without, on the one hand, we should not waste food, on the other hand, we must avoid expanding the effectiveness of publicity.
    , I have to add "but" here, the clinical phase III trial of the vaccine itself is used in normal people.
    safety evaluation of the second phase of the test, its safety is guaranteed.
    phase III trial is aimed at a comprehensive evaluation of the vaccine's protective effectiveness and safety, which requires a large human base, the more people are more representative.
    , if the vaccine is really open to clinical trials, it's still very much worth looking forward to.
    but this year even the flu vaccine is not easy to come by, not to mention the world is looking forward to the new crown vaccine?
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